333 Don't touch her!

When Shishio went to the toilet, Nana, Mea, and Maiko started to sing together, but Saki looked at Rui, Yukinoshita, and Momo before she asked, "Um, what's your relationship with him?"


Yukinoshita, Rui, and Momo quickly turned their attention to Saki.

Nana, Mea, and Maiko, even though they were singing together, they also looked at Yukinoshita, Rui, and Momo curiously, wondering how that guy could befriend a lot of beautiful girls so easily?

In reality, even though this novel had been published for so long, it had been only a month since Shishio came to Tokyo, but the number of beautiful women he had met couldn't be counted with his hands anymore!

They might not know Rui, but Yukinoshita and Momo were famous figures.

Yukinoshita was a beautiful girl known for her beauty and intellect, but she was so cold that among the students in Suimei, she was known as the "Ice Queen."

Momo was also famous, but the rumor around her wasn't good since most people knew her as a slut. If it was a normal student, they would look at her with disgust, but everyone in this place was different, and they didn't really have prejudice over her, but they still wanted to know what her relationship with Shishio was.

Momo also smiled when she saw everyone's reaction and felt that it was great that she could know many people so easily. After all, she didn't have many friends, and she only spent her time with either Yukinoshita or Rui, but this time, it was different since she knew many people now.

"I'm his friend, and he's also a member of my club," Yukinoshita said calmly. Still, inwardly, she was confused at Saki's question. After all, Shishio's girlfriend was Nana, right?

In her head, there was one possibility, but...

'There's no way, right?' Yukinoshita shook her head.

"I'm his friend too," Momo said with a smile.

They nodded and didn't show any reactions to the introduction of Yukinoshita and Momo since they had a feeling that they were just really a normal friend, but the next girl... they didn't know why it might be their girl's instinct that told them that there was something special between Shishio and Rui.

Rui didn't feel surprised by their reaction since Shishio had told her that he was a scumbag. "I'm Tachibana Rui, and you can say that I'm his first friend in Tokyo." Still, even so, somehow, she wanted to challenge them.


Hearing Rui's introduction, everyone's eyes quickly gathered toward Rui since her introduction was unique.

Shishio's first friend in Tokyo?

In other words, Rui met Shishio when he came to Tokyo!


"Okay." Saki only nodded.

Rui raised her eyebrow and asked, "Is that all?" She thought that Saki or those girls might get angry, but strangely enough, their reaction was flat?

"He has invited you all to karaoke together instead of fighting. Isn't it better to have fun?" Saki said simply.

"Yes." Miu nodded with a gentle smile and said, "I also want to know all of you better. Can we become friends?"

"Let's sing together!" Nana cheered with a smile.

Shiina only nodded and didn't say much.


Yukinoshita, Momo, and Rui looked at the girls in front of them and thought they were different from the girls they usually met at the school, and somehow, it wouldn't be bad to become friends with them.

They also started to know each other as they talked and sang, and their relationship became closer.

Still, even though Mai was glad that she could know a lot of girls, who could become her friends, she felt that she needed to talk to Shishio so the number of girls in this place wouldn't increase in the future.

Momo was full of smiles and thought it was fun, especially when no one thought much about her reputation. "I'm going to the toilet first."

"Do you want me to go with you?" Rui asked.

"It's alright. It's alright. You should have fun here." Momo smiled then whispered to Yukinoshita. "Yukinon, take care of Rui-Rui. They might bully her if you leave Rui-Rui alone."

"...Why?" Yukinoshita looked at Momo with doubt.

Momo only smiled and patted Yukinoshita's shoulder. "It's alright if you don't understand. Just accompany her, alright?" Her expression was as if a mother gently told her daughter that she was too young to understand.

"..." Yukinoshita wasn't sure why, but she felt insulted by Momo. "You don't need to worry." She took her cola and slurped it lightly, feeling quite annoyed and didn't like the feeling when she didn't understand anything.

Momo cheered, then left, and went to the toilet, wondering whether she could meet Shishio along the way since there were a lot of things that she wanted to ask. She wasn't blind, and she had a feeling of what kind of relationship Shishio had with those girls. It might be outrageous for some people, but she felt if it was Shishio, then it was possible.

Unlike the trash that Momo often saw or met, even though Shishio was a scumbag, he could make his girls happy and became friends with each other, which made her even curious how he could do that.

Momo walked cheerfully to the toilet, but when she was about to go there, someone suddenly called her, making her mood strange.


Momo stopped and turned her head. She saw three young men, similar age to her, walking toward her with a nasty smile. She was quite familiar with this smile, and it was a smile that showed an eagerness to fuck someone. She could tell that from their eyes, they treated him as nothing but an onahole, and it made her frown.

Still, Momo almost forgot who they were until she recalled one of those guys. She raised her eyebrows and asked unsurely, "...Takamoto-kun?"

"Ah, it has been a while, Momo-chan," Takamoto said with a smile and thought that he was successful.

"Takamoto, is this your girlfriend?"

"Wow, she's so beautiful!"

Takamoto's two friends couldn't help but marvel when they saw Momo, especially her huge breasts that almost escaped from her white shirt, and their eyes also became lustful and thought that they could ask their friend to let them bang this girl later.

Momo was a beautiful girl, especially that naive and cute expression that made people want to tease her. Her boobs were also so huge that they jiggled whenever she walked, which caused the man to be crazy about her.

Takamoto was full of smiles since he didn't expect to meet Momo in this place.

Momo frowned inwardly and felt regretful that she didn't bring Rui with her before, but at the same time, she was glad that she didn't bring Rui or other girls since she was afraid that those three guys might trouble them too.

"Momo-chan, I'm sorry that I have cheated on you before..." Takamoto showed a regretful expression and said, "Now, I understand that you're the one that I like. I have broken up with that girl, so can you return to become my girlfriend?" He knew that this girl was easy, and he knew that it was only a time before Momo accepted, but...

"Sorry." Momo rejected Takamoto without hesitation.

"..." Takamoto.

"Puff!" 2x

"Ahahahaha!" 2x

Takamoto's two friends laughed so hard when they saw their friend was rejected without hesitation.

Hearing Momo's rejection and the laugh of his friends, Takamoto frowned and felt insulted. "Why? We were in love before, right? I won't cheat on you again."

"Sorry, but please don't bother me again," Momo said simply and didn't want to talk with Takamoto again. She sighed and wondered why she had always dated trash while wondering why she didn't meet Shishio earlier, but she didn't expect Takamoto's reaction would be so exaggerated.

"You bitch! You open your legs so easily in front of me, and then you reject me now?" Takamoto was furious and insulted Momo without hesitation.

"You...!" Momo frowned and didn't expect that she would be insulted. Also, Takamoto's face was so scary that it made her feel scared.

Looking at Momo's scared expression, Takamoto felt quite proud and said, "Now, how about we take a rest in the nearby hotel? I'll forgive you if you let me do you."

"Takamoto, are you serious?"

"Yeah, aren't you too hasty?"

"Just shut up!" Takamoto was still furious at his two friends and said, "I'll let you two bang her later. Help me!"

"Oh, if you say that, then it can't be helped!"

"Momo-chan, let's have fun together."

Momo became scared, and she couldn't utter words, especially when Takamoto was about to touch her, but when his hand was about to touch her body, someone suddenly hugged her and slapped Takamoto's hand away.

"Don't touch her."

Momo was startled, but she felt relief when she smelled a familiar smell and looked up.


Takamoto, whose hand was slapped, felt the tingling pain on his hand, and it made him a bit scared when he saw his hand had become purple after being slapped. He was furious, then looked up, then he was in a daze when he saw Shishio. "It's you!"

Takamoto's two friends were also surprised to see Shishio and thought about his beast on the toilet before.

Shishio was a bit speechless since he didn't expect Momo to meet such trouble so suddenly. Luckily, he quickly appeared, or else...

"Next time, you should walk with someone," Shishio said helplessly.

"Yeah." Momo smiled and sighed in relief. She wasn't sure why, but there was this feeling that she would be alright with as long as he was here.

Takamoto felt quite bitter when he thought about Shishio's beast and somehow understood why Momo rejected her. He was a bit scared of Shishio, but how could he let go of this bitch so easily?

"Do you like this kind of bitch?"

Shishio and Momo had ignored those three young men and were startled since they didn't expect that one of them would suddenly insult Momo without hesitation.

"Hey, stop."

"Yeah, this guy is bad."

Even though Shishio didn't do anything and just stood there, the two young men could tell he was dangerous.

However, Takamoto had been clouded with anger, and of course, he wouldn't care about the words of his two friends. "This girl's pussy is so loose. She's a bitch that will open her legs to anyone. Do you like this kind of bitch?"


Momo's eyes were already brimming in tears while wondering how someone could be so cruel. Those words hurt her, and Shishio also heard everything, which made her scared since she was afraid that he might treat her with disgust in the future.

However, Momo was hugged again by Shishio again, his hug was so gentle that she couldn't help but lean on him, and this time, she could feel his face on her side, which made her face flush. She was surprised and doubted since who would expect Shishio would suddenly show such an intimate action toward her so suddenly.

"Enough?" Shishio asked with an expression as if looking at an idiot.

Takamoto didn't expect that Shishio would show off how close he was with Momo after hearing all of that, which made him frown. "Don't you care? She's a bitch that will let anyone fuck her?"

Shishio only snorted and said, "Even if she's a bitch, she's my bitch now. Also, you don't need to worry. She won't let you fuck her again since your little prick won't satisfy her." He looked at Takamoto's lower body with disdain.

"You...!" Takamoto's face was flushed in shame and anger.

Takamoto's two friends also couldn't say anything since they had seen the fact on the toilet before.

"Also, Takamoto, is it?" Shishio threw Takamoto's student card directly toward his face, along with two other students' cards toward Takamoto's friends.

"Wh --?!" Takamoto was dumbfounded when his student card was thrown at him.

"This is the last time. Don't appear in front of her or me, or I'll send the record of what has happened here to your parents and school, and I'll also include a lawyer to sue you, three for sexual harassment. You, three, will be jailed, then dropped out of school, then die socially with everyone whether it is your friends, schoolmates, teachers, parents, families, neighbors, and everyone that knows you as trash that will force a girl," Shishio said in one go, staring at them coldly.

"...." Takamoto and his friends' faces were already pale as if blood was drained from their bodies, but they didn't dare to say anything or run away since Shishio's stare was like an abyss. After all, they thought that they would be beaten up, but they didn't expect that the scale of Shishio's revenge would be so exaggerated that it made them pale.

"Answer me," Shishio said coldly.

"Yes!" 3x


The three of them left without hesitation since they were afraid to stay there any longer.

Shishio took a deep breath then looked at Momo, who was in his arms. "Senpai, are you alright?"

"Um..." Momo nodded shyly with a cute blush on her face.

"........" Shishio.

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