I Refuse to Become Scumbag in Tokyo

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, business, events, and incidents are the products of the author's imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. --- Shishio stared at the beautiful girl in front of him, and he couldn't look away. Her waist might be the narrowest waist that he had ever seen, and he was wondering how it felt to hug that waist. Finally, he made up his mind and decided to say hello to her, but suddenly... [Target has been found!] "Huh?" [Welcome to Scumbag System!] [The more woman you have, the more rewards you will receive!] [As a starting gift, you have received "Japanese Food Cooking Mastery"!] [As the first target has been found, you also receive 500 million yen on your back account!] [The journey has only been started!] [Work hard, young man!] "???????" Shishio frowned and said, "I refuse!" without hesitation, but after a while... "I refuse!... I really refuse!... I really try hard to refuse!... Sorry, I can't refuse it...." Shishio tried really hard, but he couldn't... ---------------------------------------------- I'll update the chapter when I have nothing to do --------------------------------------------- Cover not mine found it on google --------------------------------------------- Grammar sometimes sucks but bear with it. --------------------------------------------- https://www.patreon.com/akikan40 Maybe I'll be full of energy to write your favorite fanfic.

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Do you have a stomach fetish?

When she saw the call from Nana, Saki subconsciously looked at Shishio.

Shishio nodded, telling her to accept the call.

Saki nodded and accepted the call. She wanted to say something, but Nana didn't give her a chance. "Senpai, let's go out tomorrow! Let's buy battle underwear! We're going on a date with Shishio on Sunday. That guy is a beast. We need to prepare ourselves!"

"....." Shishio and Saki.

Shishio rubbed his temple, but he didn't say anything.

Saki looked at Shishio in amusement and asked, "Battle underwear?"

"It's underwear that you're prepared to have sex with," Nana said.

"..." Shishio and Saki.

"How can you say such a shameless thing!" Saki's face was so red at that moment.

"Senpai, listen to me first. There's a reason for this," Nana said calmly, trying to calm Saki.

Saki took a deep breath while glancing at Shishio, who didn't say anything. It seemed that he didn't want Nana to know that he was right beside her, and she also wasn't cruel enough to tell that he was right beside her, listening to their conversation. She was sure if Nana knew that he was right beside her, happened to hear their conversation, Nana would be so embarrassed that Nana might not dare to meet him on Sunday later. "What do you want to say?"

"I had seduced him the morning before," Nana said.

"...." Shishio and Saki.

Saki glanced at Shishio, who was looking at the stars and snorted. "So?"

"We kissed at each other at that time, and if I didn't stop him, we might have sex in the clubroom in the morning. Be careful, don't let him guide you since you might be eaten directly by him," Nana said, trying to remind Saki.

"...." Saki stared at Shishio silently.

Shishio looked at the sky, holding Saki's hand, and he could feel that his hand started to get sweaty. He also smelled a pheromone from her body that told him to push her, which made him wonder why his sense of smell became so strong after his body became stronger, but well, he should just enjoy it rather than complaining since he had to admit Saki's scent was so good.

Saki didn't say much and asked, "So did you have sex?"

"Of course not. Are you stupid, Senpai? How can I lose my first time at a place like a clubroom?!" Nana was a bit mad when she heard Saki's question.

Saki was also a bit embarrassed and quickly apologized. "I am sorry."

"It's alright, I don't mind much, and I also need to say sorry to you for saying rude remarks, but anyway, let's continue our conversation," Nana quickly changed the topic of conversation. "You know, we're going to have a date with him on Sunday, so, at that time, we should be prepared to lose our first time there, and let's buy battle underwear on Saturday."


Saki recalled a movie or tv drama that she had watched by chance where the characters in that story could have a conversation with each other just using their eyes. She hoped that she could do it with Shishio too right now since there were many things that she wanted to ask him.

"Right, Senpai, this is just between us, but that guy might have a stomach fetish," Nana said in a whisper.

"Sto - Stomach fetish?!" Saki blushed and looked at Shishio in surprise.


Shishio's lips twitched. Even though he had to admit that Nana's stomach was attractive, he was more into legs rather than the stomach.

"Yes, he rubbed my stomach eagerly and excitedly. From the way he rubbed my stomach, I can tell that he has a stomach fetish." Nana told Saki her deduction as if she had become a small kid with a blue suit, a red bow tie, and glasses. Pushing the frame of her imaginary glasses, she invited Saki again. "So let's go out tomorrow, alright?"

"Well, it's alright, let's go," Saki answered in a perfunctory manner since she didn't want Shishio to see her too eager to buy battle underwear. She would be lying if she didn't have an interest in sex, especially when she could do it with the one she loved. They would go on a date on Sunday, so it might be good to buy battle underwear to prepare herself.

They talked for a moment before they ended their conversation.

Saki and Shishio then looked at each other for a moment before she said, "Do you have a stomach fetish?" She didn't think that it was weird since he loved a stomach, which somehow made her wonder whether she should work out to tone her stomach. She knew that her stomach was good, considering she had joined karate in the past and she didn't have a hobby to eat much, so it should be good, right?

Shishio knew that Saki had a lot of questions, but he had never thought that she would ask whether he had a stomach fetish or not. "If I have to say whether I like it or not, then I like it." He had to admit that he might have rubbed Nana's stomach so long before, but he was more into legs rather than the stomach, but in Saki's case, he liked her butts more.

Saki's face blushed, and she asked shyly, "Wh - What do you think of my stomach?"

"...Should we have that kind of conversation now?" Shishio asked speechlessly. "More importantly, this is my first time hearing that the three of us are going on a date."

Saki was a bit embarrassed, but she nodded. "Yes, I have said "I love you" to you, but you are still unable to say it to me. You know, even if it's a lie, I really want to hear "I love you" from your mouth." It might sound silly, but she really wanted to confirm that Shishio really loved her. Even if it was a lie, she didn't mind since she just wanted to hear "I love you" from him.

"Sorry." Shishio couldn't say anything and could only apologize.

Shaking her head gently, Saki said, "Don't be. I have decided to date you, and I don't regret it, but I also want to help you solve your problem. My power might not be much, which is why I'd decided to bring Nana with me."

Shishio had to admit that being pampered by three girls, Shiina, Saki, and Nana, made him a bit uncomfortable. He took a deep breath and said, "You know, I have written a story."

"Story? You mean the one that you told me before?" Saki asked in confusion, wondering why Shishio suddenly mentioned this matter now.

"Yes, but the real reason that I have decided to write that story is to solve my problem." Shishio looked at Saki and said, "My story will be finished on Saturday, and on Sunday, I'll give you the words that you've always wanted to hear."

Saki stared at Shishio's eyes and could feel his hand tighten. Rather than feeling hurt, she wanted to hold his hand tighter, and in the end, she hugged him tightly without letting him go since she wasn't sure why she felt like he was like a cornered beast. "You don't need to force yourself." Her words were so gentle since she didn't want to see him in pain.

"No, I need to do this. I have told you to believe me, right? So believe me." Shishio lifted Saki's chin again and wondered how many times that this girl had been crying, which somehow made him directly kiss her tears.

"..." Saki was in a daze.

"It's salty," Shishio said.


Saki blushed again and felt a bit annoyed. "How could you do something so embarrassing so easily!"

"Because you're my woman, isn't it normal that I want to have your everything?" Shishio said without hesitation. He was a very selfish man, but what of it? The common sense that ordinary people made couldn't bind him, which might be why he could have a harem, yet other people did not.

Hearing his domineering tone, Saki couldn't stand any longer and hid on his chest since if she stared at him again, she felt like she would be on impulse again, giving her everything to him.

Shishio had promised to finish his story tomorrow. He knew that he needed to do this and needed to push himself to the limit, cornered since this way, he would have an urge to finish his story or else, sooner or later, he wouldn't finish his story, and he might not be able to say goodbye to his past.

"Right, you're going to go out Nana tomorrow, right? Take this." Shishio took out a credit card from his wallet and gave it to Saki.

"What is this?" Saki was dumbfounded.

"Credit card," Shishio said.

"Huh? I don't need it!" Saki quickly refused.

"Take this. I can't give you complete love, which is why I can only compensate you this way. It might sound vulgar, but it is realistic. It might not be everything in a relationship, but it is still necessary, right?" Shishio said.

Saki was stunned and couldn't move when she was told to take his credit card.

Shishio smiled and said, "Didn't you go to buy battle underwear? Buy them a lot since I'll eat you sooner or later." He whispered those words to her ear, which caused her to shudder. "By the way, rather than your stomach, I like your neck better." He snuggled into her neck, smelling her faint jasmine mixed with her sweat, which somehow made him quite addicted. He wanted to say her butts, but it was a bit hard to knead her butts right now.

"Per - pervert..." Saki murmured. Her legs felt weak, but even so, she didn't move away from his arms.

"Take this, alright?" Shishio put the credit card directly on Saki's hand and said, "The limit is one million yen. You can buy as much as you want as long as you want to buy something."

"..." Saki became dizzy again, and she couldn't help but ask, "Just what is your family doing?" She couldn't understand how this guy could get so much money. Hotel, luxurious apartment building, etc., etc., she was wondering what his parents were doing.

"It's not my parents' money. As I've said before, I have my own business," Shishio said.

"....." Saki.

"We can talk about this matter slowly in the future. We're going to be together until we're dead anyway. You can know me, and I can know you better slowly since it won't be fun if we know each other so fast, right?" Shishio said with a smile.

Saki looked at Shishio and had to admit that he was full of mystery, but this mystery made her attracted, but at the same time, she blushed when he heard him telling her that they would be together until death. Rather than being forever, they would be together to death, it was more realistic, and it somehow melted her heart.

"Well, that's true. Let's talk about something else first." Saki was a bit hesitant to take his credit card, but in the end, Shishio forced her to accept it, which made her helpless and thought that she should buy a lot of underwear to tempt him. "About our date on Sunday, which aquarium are we going to go to? You know, you're from Kyoto. You're not that familiar with Tokyo, right?"

Shishio thought for a moment and said, "How about Enoshima?"

"E - Enoshima?" Saki was dumbfounded.

Shishio nodded and said, "Well, we can get there by train in just an hour, it isn't that far, and there's also a lot of interesting things there besides aquariums like a sea, shrine, food, etc., right?"

"Well..." Saki thought for a moment, then nodded. "I don't mind." She had never been to Enoshima before, so when she heard his words, she also felt a bit tempted to go there.

"Alright, it has been settled. Let's go to Enoshima on Sunday," Shishio said without hesitation.

Both of them continued to chat with each other until they arrived at Saki's house.

Saki was quite reluctant to part.

Shishio smiled and said, "Don't show such an expression. We're going to have a date on Sunday, right?"

"Well..." Saki nodded, but then she was kissed again. She was stunned, but this time, she accepted obediently. She knew that she couldn't win against him, so rather than fighting back, it was better to enjoy it since it was enjoyable.

When their lips parted, Shishio whispered, "By the way, I have a maid fetish."

"Wh --?!" Saki blushed again and asked, "Why did you tell me that?"

Shishio smiled and said, "I wonder, why?"

Watching this mysterious smile, Saki somehow knew what this guy wanted and recalled what Nana had told her before she knew that this guy was a wolf that walked proudly among the group of sheep without using his disguise. When he wanted to eat that sheep, he would do it openly, without hesitation. Anyway, it didn't really matter, and she secretly made a note on her mind that he had a maid fetish and wondered whether she could buy a maid uniform when she went out tomorrow.

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I have to admit that compared to all the MCs that appear in this story, Shishio's ability is too OP.

Shishio has appearance, wealth, and power. He's simply walking the perfect man out there.

If we have to compare him to all the MCs that appeared in this story, he simply crushes them to death. It is also for this reason and how easy it is for him to get everything, that his words are more or less like sarcasm.

I have to admit that sometimes, I also feel sorry for Sorata.

Sorata's problem is that he's mediocre and even if he works hard, he'll only be paid for a few years or even decades. In other words, it won't be an instant.

If there's no Shiina, then he might not be doing any hard work and letting the flow lead him somewhere. But with Shiina around, he'll be pressured to work harder.

However, because of the difference in talent, talent, and how impatient he is, he hurts Shiina.

Still, it is also because of his mediocre that the reader can relate to him one after another. They might be able to relate to Sorata and how crushed he is inside Sakurasou, but they might not be able to relate to why Sorata lashes his emotion toward Shiina.

Whatever it is to be, I'll try not to make Shishio's words sound like sarcasm.

I'm a bit sleepy so I upload this chapter earlier.

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