I really don't want to open a harem here

Mu Xiaoxiao never imagined that he would get hit by a truck and die, and transmigrate to a 2D anime world, not to mention get the legendary Goldfinger one day. [Ding! As a mortal, you dared to challenge the world and set foot in this chaotic world; your brave choice gives you a Rating: S] 'It hasn't even been five minutes since I traveled, and there is an S-level reward... Without a little bit of defense, could it be that I also have the appearance of the protagonist?' He thought seriously Being a Protagonist can be said to be a legendary start Anime world where he is a protagonist with a system, open a harem, and reaches the pinnacle of life or something like that. He was already imagining his bright future 'It's just that the system said what kind of chaotic place, what does it mean? Why can't I understand?' Coming all the way, he approached the warehouse at the back of the school, And then "Nanao, you don't want to see Katase being kicked out of the main selection, do you?" "You--" He never thought he would see such a scene on the first day, Fuck, this is too exciting, right? No, why do those two people look familiar... Relying on his many years of experience, he finally searched for those memories from every inch and corner of his brain, and after finding out who these two were His face changed drastically. "Fuck" _________, (This is a Translation) (Warning: This Novel contains Explicit Content, so read at your own risk.) As for NTR It does contain Netori( The one where Mc steals the girl), not Netorare. After all, it's a harem fanfic in the NTR world, so every girl he'll meet and save would obviously have a Boyfriend or a childhood Sweetheart, so it is obvious... ________ ___________ Original Version: https://www.jpxs123.com/tongren/8352.html Author: Sixteen Night Sky ____________ Read Advanced chapters on Patreon.com/abhi28

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Yuu chan, I'm sorry

As soon as Mu Xiaoxiao rushed to the school gate, he saw his beautiful girlfriend Akane Nanao beating and kicking the yellow hair Masaru Oga violently.

Punching and kicking, no mercy at all.


He covered his face.

He also did the same thing to that muscle mass,

It seems she has learned from him,

Well, she learned from the best..

"Xiao!" Upon hearing the familiar voice, she abruptly stopped, turned to the side, and seeing Mu Xiaoxiao, she dashed forward, hugging him tightly.

"Are you OK?"

"It's okay, I'm fine, thanks to Luna... That Masaru Oga actually wanted to pull me away,"

Saying this, she patted her chest with lingering fear, the waves were turbulent, and she stuck out her tongue after that,

"But we killed him instead, hee hee ."

"I told you to go home first, anyway, you can use your fingerprints to open the lock, don't wait for me here alone... Now look you got in trouble."

He patted her butt angrily.

"I just wanted to go back with you and buy some things on the way...

Besides, I didn't suffer a loss."

The girl shook his arm and smiled.

Looking at his blaming and concerned eyes, she was really happy..

Xiaoxiao really cares about her!!

"...This guy is very rough and thick, no matter how hard you hit him, it's useless."

Mu Xiaoxiao stepped forward, staring at the yellow hair who was rolling all over the floor with a cold expression,

"Akane? You just kicked him between his legs, did you?"

"How do you know, I learned from you... Hehe."

Akane Nanao learned from the explosion of Tougou's eggs last time, and the effect is outstanding now.

"Your foot was still light, but it's no wonder, after all, in this world...this kind of strength is not too heavy to destroy, and it recovers quickly,"

Saying this, Mu Xiaoxiao stepped on his hand.

The rolling yellow hair had to stop, and staring at the person with red eyes, his face twisted ferociously.

"Mu Xiaoxiao——!!!!"


"Why are you yelling so loudly.'

Regarding his incompetence and rage, the young man just ignored him, and after stepping on his hands, and abdomen a few times, he just waved at the girl,

Such disdain and underestimation,

"Akane, try harder."

The system reward has just been triggered.

What does it mean?

It means that even if it is not Natsuha Shinomiya or the heroine of that certain NTR Hentai to which the yellow hair belonged, as long as the girl is related to him, he can get rewards for killing the yellow-haired scum..

This is good news.

'Finally, I don't have to put up with that slut Natsuha anymore... However, the previous promise seems irreversible, hey.'


While Mu Xiaoxiao was in a daze thinking about his promise to a certain hungry girl, Akane Nanao rushed over to Yellow Hair and kicked down again.

"Stop!! You..."



What about the system?

Not triggered?

Mu Xiaoxiao stared, waiting for a notification,

But there wasn't any,


"One more kick!"








This time, it was a clear blast!

[Ding, the host's execution of justice has been detected: Lethal strike, successful egg explosion!

With the help of the host, a girl successfully abolished the scum's lifeblood,

Super anti-kill, justice will never be absent,

Evaluation: S

and the host gets rewards -"

"Skill points: 20."

"Skill: [Prop Generation]." ]

"It's done,"

Akane Nanao said, after finishing her job, and hearing an explosion sound, she made sure to stop her feet from touching the filth again,

She then leaped over the yellow-hair who lay there with rolled eyes and passed out, foaming at the mouth, and casually waved her hands in a relaxed and indifferent manner.

"Let's go home."


Mu Xiaoxiao hummed, he was busy with something else,

S-level, it's actually an S-level score, he was about to burst into laughter,

This Masaru Oga is really a good person, how many rewards has he contributed to him in a few days?

He opened the system to check, not to mention the various skills, the skill points alone have accumulated 70.

Seventy Skill Points are enough to upgrade a full-level skill.


For providing him so many points, he is really grateful to the yellow hair,

Um sorry Eunuch Yellow hair

After the two left at a leisurely pace, only the messy and fainted yellow-haired person remained, along with a few surprised students who were taking pictures of the beaten unconscious scum while whispering amongst themselves.

And, Natsuha Shinomiya who also followed him, looked at the backs of Mu Xiaoxiao and Akane Nanao with complicated eyes.

She saw what just happened from beginning to end.

And her mood was complicated, to say the least,

Finally, after a long sigh, she left the school with mixed feelings.

As for poor Masaru Oga, she didn't even look at him, as he kept lying on the ground like a dead pig.


"I'm back..."

There was no one at home, Natsuha Shinomiya lived alone,

As she went inside, her mood was not good, she couldn't let go of it for a long time, and went back to the bedroom and fell on the bed, upset.

And when she thought of Mu Kun beating Masaru Oga for Akane Nanao...

She was full of envy,

Just those protective eyes filled with concern, as he protected her from everything..

Not to mention that Akane Nanao was not only cared for by Mu Kun but she has also done that with him...

She was even more jealous!

The contact with Mu Xiaoxiao in the classroom was vivid in her mind, and the feeling of his strong hands, body, and skin contact still remained... The hair of the girl lying on the bed stuck to her forehead.

Recalling the feeling of his kneading and pinching her sensitive nipples, she couldn't help getting hotter and hotter.

She doesn't want to give up...

The more Mu Xiaoxiao refused, the more she couldn't help herself.

Natsuha Shinomiya tossed and turned, her body was getting hotter and hotter, burning with desire, but suddenly thinking of what Mu Xiaoxiao said to her, she trembled all over.

"Yuu Chan.."

She took out her mobile phone and looked at Yuuta's emails.

The two would occasionally contact each other by email, and they communicated quite frequently after they separated..

It's just that the contact in these two days has become less and less... and she almost forgot about him..

"Do I like him... Yuu Chan is my childhood sweetheart, I used to like him."

She muttered to herself.

"but now..."

"I seem to like you, Mu Kun."

"It's not just about the body," She pursed her lips, and wanted to send a message to Yamano Yuuta, but after thinking for a long time, she gave up and threw the phone away.

In the end, a faint sigh echoed in the room.

"Yuu Chan, I'm sorry..."