I Really Don't Want To Be A Trainer

Standing in front of you now is– The board of directors of Devon, the founder of Rainbow Rockets, the master of type disadvantage, the champion of the world championship… Legendary trainer Luke, recalling the scene of the first live broadcast, sighed. “Speaking of which, you may not believe it. My original wish was just to show my face after 100,000 subscriptions.” “I just want to make the right amount of money, starting from a game zone owner.” “I really didn’t want to be a trainer!”

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Chapter 17

Luke, who was in class, looked confusedly at the full screen of system hints.

[Get the exclamation from passers-by, BP+1, BP+1, BP+1…]

[Wonderful tactical command! BP+10]

[Interrupt Quilava's 'Blaze' Ability, BP+20]

[First victory, evaluation: wonderful! (BP+100)]

[Remaining BP: 575]

I didn't do anything but the system increased his points by 300BP, which made Luke worry a little.

"I'm stuck with a bug?" Luke muttered.

At this time, the phone vibrated and Twain used a series of question marks to express his inner excitement.

Twain: Luke, you're a genius!

Twain: You don't even tell me that you're participating in the competition. And you actually even won against the Battle Department!

Luke: Didn't I stay in the classroom honestly?

Twain: Damn, are you still pretending?!

Almost all the contestants on that day knew that a fierce person had arrived on the 7th venue, and the trainer from Battle Department was brutally abused by Pokémon.

This is enough to show this fierce person, who usually exercises Gastly battle awareness.

While other Rookies are still struggling with the formidable power of their moves, this fierce person has already embarked on the path of 'Pokémon autonomous battle'!

Be aware that even most elite Trainers can hardly do this!

It is said that after the end of the battle, Gastly had the expression of "Is this it?", even its Trainer did not show up.

This makes the Reporters more determined that this mysterious Trainer is the biggest dark horse in this competition!

Thinking of this, Twain's body shook, and he seemed to understand something instantly.

Twain: Damn, it's part of your plan not to refuse an interview, right?

Luke:? ? ?

Twain: Master! Brother Luke, do not forget each other!

Putting down the phone, Luke looked blank.

Where and where are these!

I have to be a Trainer to participate, how can I participate in the Trainer competition?

At that moment, Luke's phone buzzed, and he received an unexpected message.

[ID: 3534, Mr. Luke, you have new match information]

[Congratulations on advancing to the 'Piplup' Rookie Trainer Cup Group A group stage]

[Please go to the 4th venue this Saturday to participate in the games. Good luck!]

Luke was dumbfounded.

How did he enter the group stage? He didn't even participate in the preliminary qualifiers!

Then, he remembered Gastly's mischievous behavior in the morning, and its sly grin that seemed to say, "I did something."

Could it be that Gastly secretly participated in the competition and won without Luke's command?

Luke's heart felt a mix of emotions, a mixture of surprise, admiration, and a slight sense of betrayal. He couldn't believe that Gastly had pulled off this sneaky move behind his back.

In the trash bin, Luke discovered the registration message that had been deleted by Gastly.

It didn't really bother him that Gastly had secretly signed up, and it seemed like Gastly wanted to give him a surprise, as it had even deleted the confirmation message.

Luke decided to act upset and waited for Gastly to return home slowly.

"jie jie~!" (I'm back!)

Gastly's grinning face appeared from the gap in the door, and it playfully swung its whole body inside.

"clang clang clang!" (Uncle Gastly is here!)

Luke pretended to be angry and coldly asked, "Why are you back so late?"

Gastly laughed and proudly showed off the entry certificate on its head.

"Did you participate in the preliminaries today?"

"jie jie~!"

"And you won the match?"

"jie jie~~~!"

"I heard it was a one-sided victory?"

Gastly: (*≧▽≦)~~! !

A familiar feeling of helplessness surged in Luke's chest once again.

He sighed and sat back on the sofa, trembling.

He really didn't want to be a Trainer!

But why was Gastly so proactive?

Not only was it diligently training its moves, but it even signed up for the competition on its own?!

For others, this would be an incredible opportunity to embark on the path of becoming a Trainer.

But for Luke, it felt like a backstab!

Because he was already in a bad financial situation, and now Gastly wanted to participate in competitions and become a Trainer?!

Looking at Gastly's triumphant and cheerful expression, Luke couldn't bring himself to dampen its enthusiasm.

In the end, Luke forced a smile and said, "You did a great job!"

"Keep up the good work for next time!"

"jie jie~!" Gastly grinned happily.

As Luke sat on the sofa with his palms pressed against his forehead, he couldn't help but ponder.

The 'Piplup' Cup had a certain level of influence in Zhejiang Province.

However, the quality of the preliminary matches varied, and Gastly might have won by luck.

Upon entering the group stage, Luke knew he would face strong players from each Pokémon Academy.

Considering the effort wasted on this, Luke thought it might be better to consider live broadcasting instead.

Although he felt a little sorry for Gastly, he believed that if Gastly lost a game, it wouldn't be so keen on participating in the competition.

In the end, Luke decided to abstain from attending the group stage.

"In the group stage, you have to work hard!" Luke said solemnly. "Besides, I won't play until the finals."

He argued with conviction, "The opponents in the group stage will help you improve."

"It's not just about honing your battle awareness, but also testing your skills!"

Gastly was taken aback for a moment, then opened his big mouth, his eyes seemingly burning with flames.

"jie jie~!"

This is the Master's trust in me!

Since he said so, as long as I train hard, I can definitely advance to the final!

Thinking of the three Petaya Berry cubes left in the cabinet, Gastly's expression became determined, showing a rare seriousness.

This determined look worried Luke a little.

Can Gastly really make it to the finals?

No, Gastly has only trained for less than a month, even with the help of Petaya Berry cubes, speed enhancers, and Flame Gems…

It's unlikely that he could defeat a student from the Battle Department who has been training for a year.

But maybe, just maybe.

The next round of competition is on Saturday, three days later.

To prevent another incident of burning through the wall, Luke reluctantly agreed to let Gastly go outside to train his moves.

That night, as the moonlight shone through the screen window, Luke woke up and noticed that Gastly on the ceiling had already disappeared.

Approaching the window sill, Luke peered outside and saw the construction site next to the community.

[Spirit Vision Lv1 - success!]

On the construction site, several clusters of Will-O-Wisp lights flickered and danced in the purple sky, blending into the night.

As the night breeze blew, Luke laid on the edge of the window, silently observing Gastly's training.

After about two hours, the fiery display gradually subsided.

A soft rustling sound at the door indicated Gastly's return. Luke pretended to be asleep and went back to bed.

Gastly slipped into the room quietly, playfully licking Luke's cheek before returning to the ceiling to sleep.

A slight smile formed on Luke's lips as he let out a soft sigh.