3 Yes, I’m The Original Creator

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Boasting was a very 'sacred' thing.

Frankly, Lu Yuan knew very few piano pieces.

There were only those few songs, and he learned them in order to chase his goddess.

He had imagined that one day, he would be a very elegant and holy prince mesmerizing thousands of girls. Then, his goddess would throw herself into his arms.

Unfortunately, he learned the piano pieces. He indeed sounded a little professional when he played those pieces.


His goddess left.

Lu Yuan was poor.

Lu Yuan was very honest, and he couldn't smooth-talk. He was nervous when he spoke even one sentence to his goddess.

These two fatal weaknesses made Lu Yuan's efforts in chasing his goddess futile.

At least, this was how he was before he time traveled.

Hence, after traveling through time, Lu Yuan felt that he had to change into a man who could smooth-talk.

Transformation can take time.

Lu Yuan knew that, so he didn't force himself to become what he wanted to in an instant.

However, life always needed some sense of ceremony.

Or, in other words, a sense of sanctity.

It was the same as if you entered into a world that seemed familiar yet completely different.

For example, playing the piano for the first time.

The toilet was filled with the fragrance of orchid grass. He squeezed some hand sanitizer of an unknown brand onto his palms and cleaned the dirt off his hands vigorously. Then, Lu Yuan walked to the stage on the first floor under Wang Jinxue's attentive view.

"Sorry, can I play one song?"

The ambiance of the cafe was very beautiful. Many couples as well as elegant and rich people in suits looked up towards Lu Yuan.

The piano music downstairs came to an abrupt end.

The girl looked at Lu Yuan.


No one had ever stopped her halfway through a performance.

It made her uncomfortable.

"This is a very good piano. Ordinary people can't touch it. Sorry," The girl did not show any dissatisfaction on her face, but instead, looked at Lu Yuan politely.

"Well, then..." Lu Yuan turned soft.

"Let him try," Wang Jinxue also followed him downstairs and looked at the girl.

"You, you are..." The girl looked at Wang Jinxue and recognized her. She was very excited.

"Let him try," Wang Jinxue continued to speak.

"Okay." The girl quickly nodded and walked off the stage.

Lu Yuan looked at the people around him and exhaled a little.

Frankly, he had a little stage fright.

It was his first time playing the piano to such a large audience.

However, no matter how difficult it was, no matter whether he had stage fright or not, it had to be done.

After all...

He felt that it was the first step in his transformation.

With the first step, the road ahead would be easier.

Lu Yuan rearranged his clothes again, looked at the mirror beside him, and when he was sure that everything was okay, he sat down.

He closed his eyes again.

He was looking for emotions.

Wang Jinxue looked at Lu Yuan's back and smiled slightly.

She felt that Lu Yuan had fallen into her trap.

Lu Yuan's earlier words were big talk to her.

She, Wang Jinxue, was a genius from childhood.

At the same time, she was very good at playing the piano.

That song, The Girl by the Neil River, was also a rare sheet of piano music. She created this sheet of piano music after visiting many famous pianists. She changed it with perseverance, constantly worked hard on it, and added new elements repeatedly...

Finally, her creation succeeded.

It took her a lot of work.

It was not easy.

Therefore, Lu Yuan had only two options from here.

The first was to play a more beautiful original song than The Girl by the Neil River.

The other was to better her in terms of piano skills and make her acknowledge him.

In this way, Lu Yuan would win this battle, which was not considered a battle.

However, it was clear that both the former and the latter options were unbelievably difficult.

Wang Jinxue smiled slightly.

She was curious about how Lu Yuan would act next... After all, everyone here had a certain level of appreciation for the piano.

If one wanted to use low-level deception, it would definitely not succeed.

The hall was empty. Almost everyone was looking at him.

Lu Yuan knew that he had been forced to a dead end. He had no choice.

Hence, he could only play the piano.

Lu Yuan opened his eyes and touched the keys and notes with his fingers.


The sound of the piano was very beautiful. At the very least, Lu Yuan had never played such a good piano.

The price would not have been cheap.

Wang Jinxue saw Lu Yuan play his first note and shook her head slightly.

It was very unprofessional, and he did not find the correct pitch as well. There were too many flaws in that action and the details of that action.

It seemed that Lu Yuan was going to lose face.

All of a sudden, Wang Jinxue seemed to lose interest.

That feeling of mockery and freshness in her suddenly disappeared.

So, he was just a useless person.

Wang Jinxue turned her head.


"Ding, ding, ding..."

After a few seconds, the situation seemed to reverse.

Lu Yuan began to play. At first, he was a little nervous for fear that he might ruin the piece. However, Lu Yuan found a certain rhythm thereafter.

His music teacher once said he was a man of talent.

Whether it was a guitar or a piano, he would find it easy to play.

There were two pity points, however. The first was that his motivation for learning music was not purely for the sake of learning. The second was that he was a little old, and was destined not to achieve anything.

Music was to be treated devoutly and sincerely.

Lu Yuan agreed with his teacher.

Hence, he was very sincere.

Sincere in wanting to perfect this art of boasting.

Now, Lu Yuan was very grateful to the teacher and the goddess who left him.

Thinking of his goddess, Lu Yuan thought of himself in the past...

If there was no goddess, there would be none of his present self; if there was none of his present self...


There were no assumptions in this world.

That year, the flowers were beautiful.

That year, it was sunny.

That year, love began.

That year...

Too many memories flowed back to him like water.

Lu Yuan suddenly closed his eyes again.

He was so proficient in this piece of music that he could play it completely without any guidance on the piano.

The girl who used to play the piano and was a few meters away suddenly froze.

She saw Lu Yuan close his eyes clearly.

Wang Jinxue stopped and turned around.

Wang Jinxue felt a little incredulous.

She really hadn't heard this piece of music before, but from the notes, it couldn't be a random piece of music.

Lu Yuan's back was very straight, which symbolized his stubbornness.

This was a stubborn young man.

At first, his playing technique was rather unsophisticated, a little unskilled, and even carried with it some trills. However, over time, he began to gain proficiency, and finally achieved a level where he could play smoothly.

His speed of playing began to increase.

The sunshine outside the window was very beautiful.

The light in the cafe was gentle.

Lu Yuan's smile was radiant.

Sometimes, it felt like a strange thing.

When Lu Yuan was deep in this feeling, he felt that there were no other notions in his mind.

No tension, no inferiority, no sighing, no pain...

Nothing. Only the music, only the melody, and that very stubborn heart that desired transformation.

His speed was getting faster and faster, to the point where he himself felt weird.

The chatter in the cafe stopped.

Several girls took out their mobile phones and recorded Lu Yuan, who was on the piano stage.

Several middle-aged men in suits looked at Lu Yuan deep in thought, slightly captivated.

In the corner, an old man nodded, sighed, and closed his eyes from time to time...


Everyone's actions were different, but they all listened quietly.

It seemed that they were enjoying it.

A novel melody that had never existed reverberated in everyone's ears.

Was I wrong?

Wang Jinxue suddenly squinted.

Maybe, what he said was true?

He really knew the piano?

Why would someone who knew the piano claim not to know it?

The piece continued from the start to the middle, and then gradually to the end.

Everyone didn't want the song to end so soon.

They still wanted to hear.

Wang Jinxue felt the same.

However, all things in the world…

Were destined to end.

When the last note came to an abrupt end, Lu Yuan stood up and opened his eyes, looking at Wang Jinxue.

He was a little tired as he hadn't played the piano for a long time. Unexpectedly, he felt weirdly good, which was beyond his expectations.

"I can play the piano," Lu Yuan replied simply.

It was simple.

There was nothing else fancy.

He was more serious than ever.

"What's the name of the piece?" Wang Jinxue stared at Lu Yuan, sounding more serious than ever as well.

"Für Elise!"


"If you haven't heard this song before, the author of this song is Lu Yuan, Lu as in 'land', Yuan as in 'afar'... We walk slowly into the distance on the land under our feet..." Lu Yuan sounded very profound as he muttered this boastful sentence which he had held inside for a long time.

After that, he looked at everyone.

He saw something similar to ripples in their eyes as if they were thinking as if they were in a state of dementia.

He felt very satisfied!

He felt he had successfully boasted.

He felt unbelievably happy from the boasting!

It was very comfortable.

If you thought it was plagiarism...

Get some evidence, go to the police, and catch me!


In a world of culture, could this be called shameless?

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