I Quit The Straw Hats And Became Yamato's Fiancee

*NO SYSTEM* *NO CHEATS* It's an AU and some characters may behave differently. Our MC Ren is a Half Lunarian Half Merman Hybrid. His father was a Lunarian and he saved his mermaid mother and to escape WG's pursuit, they both lived in a secluded island in East Blue. Ren's father dies when he was young and soon his mother dies as well. He grows up alone and later joins and leaves Straw Hats due to the other blaming him for always killing his enemies. Later, he eats a Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit, joins the Beast Pirates and becomes Yamato's Fiancee. To Help Keep The Translation Going On And To Read Chapters In Advance, Join My Patreon at :- Patreon.com/MrTranslator

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Questions And Complaints

One guy asked me a few questions and if you have the same questions, then I'll answer that here. Please read it completely before criticizing me for these following things and accusing me of just "STEALING" some guy's fanfic and making money off it by using ChatGPT.

1) Do you just use ChatGPT and copy paste it here?

Answer - No. I use either google translate on raw and edit it by hand or I pick already translated version from mtl which is extremely trash and edit it by hand. I don't use ChatGPT.

2) Did you ask for permission from the original author of this fic?

Answer - No, because One Piece belongs to Oda and the original author didn't ask for Oda's permission. Also, this fic is available FOR FREE on the internet on multiple websites for everyone to see

3) Why are you charging people on Patreon?

Answer - I don't force you to pay. I need to buy an iPad for my studies and I don't want to have my parents buy me one. Have you seen any street performer who sings or dances and people pay a few bucks if they like their performance? They also don't ask for permission from the original artists cuz I'm pretty sure JVKE won't mind if some street artist gains a few bucks by performing 'Golden Hour'. I provide free translations for everyone. If someone is earning and thinks my translations (which aren't your typical word to word copy paste) are worth appreciating, then they pay me a small amount of money which starts only at $3 and I provide chapters to them before everyone else.

4) Now you're saying you don't translate the fic word to word but rewrite it. What do you wanna say?

Answer - I've never said I rewrite it. Neither do I rewrite nor do I translate-word-to-word. I translate Chinese fics but they are soooooo annoying if you read it word to word hence I remove a lot of unnecessary parts and add new sentences on my own to make them better. (I'm practicing here so I can write my own fanfics soon) I also have to correct so much of punctuation, grammar, spellings and names as well. I do it all BY HAND while watching some classical chess tournaments so I don't get bored.

5) Why do you do so much Voting? Just contact the original author and ask him what name he wrote or what height he wants the MC to be.

Answer - Original author is chinese. I don't know how to approach him also I don't care about being more accurate to him. Asking audience what they want is more fun in my opinion because it makes you guys more interested in the fic.

Now you tell me if you want me to stop doing polls and just have me decide everything. I don't mind doing that.

If you have any more Questions/Complaints then ask here. I'll keep this chapter permanent.You guys can post any query here and I'll answer it.

Also, before forming your opinion on me earning through Patreon thinking I overcharge y'all there, you should know that readers have told me that I should charge more for the quality I provide. When I was just starting Patreon, I asked you readers what should I charge and people told me to charge about $10 for 15 chapters in advance but I only charge $3 for 10 chapters and $5 for 15 chapters.

Also, For Every Member I Get On Patreon, I Publish 2 Bonus Chapters.

Join My Patreon For Access To Chapters Before Anyone Else.

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Join My Patreon For Access To Chapters Before Anyone Else.

» Patreon.com/MrTranslator

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