10 The protagonist is delusional?

"Where did she go?"

Lin Fan gazed around the train station as he held the Gucci purse that belonged to Xo Ruo.

After he caught the thief he beat him to a bloody mess and returned back to the spot where Xo Ruo was standing.

As of right now he had a black eye clearly visible on his right eye.

'Damn it! I gave myself this black eye for nothing!? I elegantly gave her a chance to touch my handsome face and ask me on a date for my heroic deed!'

'Damn... This woman is too shy!'


Suddenly Lin Fan showed a perverted expression that held pure lust.

'I like it when they're embarrassed...'

Snapping out his own thoughts Lin Fan's eyes snapped onto the Gucci purse and with a small smile he unzipped the purse.

Looking inside he saw some cash, credit cards, debit cards, lipstick, and a small makeup kit.

He suddenly found a small card that was at the bottom and grabbed it without hesitation.

Looking at the small card that said.

[Beauty Heaven.]

A large smile crept onto Lin Fan's face and when he saw the address which was the location of the makeup company he immediately called down a taxi.

'She definitely left it here for me! That silly girl is too flirty! Don't worry I'll be there soon wifey!'




Upon arriving at his parents' property, Gu Xia parked his Bugatti Chiron in the garage, exited, then entered the front door which led into the villa.

"Father, mother! I have a request I hope you can do for me!"

'Though it won't matter if you disagree or agree to it... Either way I'm canceling the engagement.'

Gu Lin, who heard her son's voice, showed a gentle smile as she walked out of the kitchen and greeted him.

"Welcome home my little Xia! What is this request you have? No matter what it is, I'll do it!"

Gu Xia's ears perked up when he heard his mother's calm voice and he couldn't help but hug her which deeply shocked the middle-aged woman.

"L-Little X-Xia!? Why are you hugging me!?"

Gu Xia ignored his mother and instead pressed his body up against her giant tits and stroked her white hair, he then whispered in her left ear with a gentle tone.

"Mother... I want to cancel the engagement with the Shu family. Can you please request father to call the old man of the Shu family?"

Gu Lin felt her brain shutdown for a moment and also felt her world was coming to a halt.

'D-Did my son say he wanted to cancel the engagement with S-Shu Ling!?'

'The woman, who he's been dog licking and chasing for years!?'

'Impossible! I must make sure I heard him right!'

"Little Xia, please repeat what you said again... I'm afraid I'm getting old where my hearing is starting to worsen."

Gu Xia showed a gentle expression as he heard his mother ask him to repeat his words.

He knew how much of a shock this was for his mother...

After all, for 5 years he was a simp for this one woman...

So, he didn't mind repeating his words.

"Mother... I want to cancel the engagement with the Shu family. Can you please request father to call the old man of the Shu family?"

Gu Lin went silent, closing her eyes she thought of the consequences that could potentially happen if they do cancel the engagement.

'Well, It doesn't really matter if they cancel some contracts... Worst case scenario we would only lose around 80 million dollars...'

'Also our family is a part of the four great families! Who would dare bad mouth us!?'

'Now that I think about it! The Shu family wouldn't dare cause us any harm! They're only a second rate family!'

'With one word we could have their entire family destroyed!'

Reopening her eyes Gu Lin looked up at her son's face and when her purple eyes met his red eyes, a blush appeared on her face.

'Wh-When did my son become so han-!'

'W-What was I just thinking!? He is my son! My son! Eve-Even if he is extremely handsome...'

Gu Xia tilted his head when he saw his mother suddenly looking downward.

"Mother is everything alright?"

Taking a deep breath and calming her beating heart Gu Lin got rid of her blush and looked back at her son's face.

"My Apologies, I was lost in my own thoughts... Regarding your request I can ask the old man."

Gu Xia's eyes widened and he felt small tears forming in his eyes as he lifted his mother up.

"Thank you! You're the best mother in the world!"

Gu Lin whose entire body went red in embarrassment found herself being held in the air by her own son!

"L-Little X-Xia put me down! I'm too heavy!"

Gu Xia let out a laugh as he heard his mother.

"Mother, trust me... You are light as a feather!"


Gu Lin asked with a quiet voice which was barely hearable.

Luckily Gu Xia who was in the Tempered Body Realm where all his senses were sharper could clearly hear her.

"Of course! Who dares say your heavy is just too weak!"

Gu Lin suddenly felt a little awkward when she heard this...

'Is my husband weak then... He said I was gaining weight and I was too heavy...'

As Gu Lin was thinking this, Gu Xia placed her on the ground.

*Sniff, sniff.*

Gu Lin suddenly felt her nose twitch.

'What is that amazing smell!?'

Soon she found herself without realizing it smelling her son's chest.


When Gu Lin noticed she was literally sniffing her son's chest she found herself backing up in a extremely fast speed.

Putting her hands forward, her entire face was red as a tomato.

"I-I-I-I... I'll go talk to your father!"

Gu Lin without looking at her son walked away in a flash, covering her face which was beyond red.

A small amount of liquid was dripping down her white skirt as she speed walked away, leaving a mini trail behind...

Gu Xia just stood there in disbelief.

'Hey system...'

[Yes host?]

'When was the last time my mother had sex?'

[H-Host... That's a very private thing to ask.]

'Tell me or I'll shut you down.'

[I'm sorry! Let me collect the information...]

[--------------------Ding! Last time Gu Lin had intercourse was 8 years ago!]

'8 years ago!?'

[According to my database... Yep, it's been 8 years... Well for penetration, just a week ago she did a handjob for her husband Gu Luo.]

'Please don't tell me... Is my father impotent?'


'Out with it!'

[According to my database he is...]

'...That poor son of a bitch...'

Gu Xia genuinely felt bad for his father.

Despite his strictness... In the event that he actually needed his help, he would be there to help him.

As Gu Xia was feeling pity for his father, his mother Gu Lin was currently speaking with Gu Luo in his private office about the engagement between Shu Ling and their son…

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