30 System update!?

Back to the present...

Lin Fan who was blatantly staring at Chang Wen's thighs clenched his hands in order to stop himself from taking off his pants and showing off his 'dragon' to Chang Wen.

He knew she would become flustered and be amazed at his size!

'Damn... I want to break through her hymen so bad right now with my 4inch dick...'

As this thought came to him, he suddenly felt a dangerous projectile coming toward him.

His face turned serious with no lust showing on his expression.

He closed his eyes and quickly spread out his Qi which covered the entire area from indoors to outdoors.

His Qi immediately exposed where the hostile projectile was coming from, which was heading toward his chest from outside the bedroom window.

Lin Fan showed a sneer and quickly rolled to the right.


Next second later a tranquilizer dart smashed through the window and pierced the wall.


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