I Quit Being The Villain

Transmigrating into the novel, [The Emperor of Luck] Gu Xia received the despair villain system and became a small villain who is destined to be face slapped by the protagonist then eventually killed. Having been through the plot thousands of times and being failed by the system every time, he finally snapped. "System! What did I do wrong this time!?" [Host, please calm down... There has been an error in the world that I have no control over. As an apology I can grant you extra rewards once you complete the plot!] Gritting his teeth and having bloodshot red eyes Gu Xia finally had enough. [I quit being the villain! Fuck the plot, fuck the heroine's, fuck the protagonist, fuck everyone, I just want to live my life without being face slapped! I QUIT!] Unknowing to him all of the heroines could now hear his inner voice… -------------------------------------- Schedule: 7 chapters/week (unless I'm ill or something happens) Chapter Length: 1000 - 1500 words. No NTR nor will the MC have any of his harem members cucked at any point in the novel! If you get offended easily... This is not your kind of novel! -------------------------------------- More powerstones/support= I write more!

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Only a few lights illuminated a dark room that held many people.

12 beautiful women and two handsome men in total.

"Gu Xia, this is the result of going against me! I, Lin Fan, have won against your Gu family and destroyed all of your influence in the Zhou Capital."

Lin Fan boasted with pride as he stared down Gu Xia who was tied to a chair.

Gu Xia had an emotionless expression plastered on his face as he ignored the protagonist and instead talked to the system...

'System, I completed the plot... Can I please go home now? This protagonist is so annoying.'

[Host, please wait as I grade your overall performance as the small villain.]


[Overall humiliation endured, S+.]

[Overall disgust toward the host from the heroines, S+.]

[Overall despair from the host, S+.]

[Overall plot completion, S+.]

[Overall acting from the host, S+.]

[Overall performance, S+.]

[Overall grade, F-.]


Gu Xia felt like his brain shut down as he heard the system's overall grade...

'System... Tell me you're joking, I've been through the plot thousands of times... I know damn well I did a perfect job at everything!'

[Host, please calm down... There has been an error in the world that I have no control over. As an apology I can grant you extra rewards once you actually complete the plot...]

'System, do you know how much I want to smack the living shit out of you right now?'

[H-Host, I really am sorry... Please try doing the plot one more time!]

'Fuck no, I had enough!'

Lin Fan who has been speaking arrogantly the entire time finally noticed that Gu Xia was still showing no signs of emotions which hurt his pride.

Suddenly an idea popped inside his head and knew exactly how to piss Gu Xia off.

"Gu Xia, don't blame me for stealing your fiancée... She never liked a licking dog such as yourself!"

Still seeing no reaction, Lin Fan felt something was wrong and continued his barrage of words:

"Gu Xia, your own sister betrayed you and always dreamed of your downfall so she could inherit the Gu family companies!"

"Even your secretary betrayed you by giving me information about your company! Hell, even your bodyguard slowly poisoned you! Did you kn-"

"Can you shut the fuck up already..."

As Lin Fan was about to continue his words he was interrupted by Gu Xia who had a disgusted expression on his face as he stared down all of the heroines.

"I can't handle this shit anymore! Just kill me! I hate every single one of you! All of you made my life hell!"

Gu Xia complained as loud as he could and the disgust in his eyes were clearly open for everyone to see.

All of the heroines were in a little shock as their hearts trembled for some unknown reason.

Not in a million years did they expect that Gu Xia, a second generation playboy who plays and drinks 24/7 would be capable of showing such an expression.

"How dare you talk to them like that!"

Lin Fan roared angrily. Though he was more annoyed that Gu Xia completely ignored him earlier...

Gu Xia rolled his eyes and broke the rope that tied him to the chair with ease which shocked everyone present.

"H-H-H-How did you do that!?"

Lin Fan was utterly surprised at how Gu Xia could break free from the rope. Without wasting time he pulled out a knife from his person and pointed it toward Gu Xia.

Gu Xia ignored Lin Fan's words and in front of everyone's eyes snapped his own neck...




[Host, you have failed----- Restarting the world!]

Gu Xia's vision went dark, his hearing went deaf, and his sense of smell disappeared.

He suddenly felt a shock go down his spine forcing him to open his eyes.

He was inside a luxurious room laying on a king-size bed.

Getting up slowly he felt a raging headache appearing.

He walked over to the medium sized mirror and gazed at his reflection.

Having medium-sized, clean white hair, bright red eyes, an extremely handsome face, and a nice, defined figure while wearing a pitch black business suit, he could make any man jealous.

The atmosphere surrounding him was pure coldness which made him unapproachable.


[Yes host?]

"I quit..."

[Host, are you serious?]

"I can't handle being face slapped anymore... You do know I'm human as well!"


"I don't care anymore! I quit!"

[I quit being the villain! Fuck the plot, fuck the heroine's, fuck the protagonist, fuck everyone, I just want to live my life without being face slapped! I QUIT!]

. . .

Inside a large office, Shu Ling, a breathtakingly beautiful woman sat behind her desk typing on a computer.

Her facial features looked as if they were carved from the heavens.

Her fingertips looked as tender as a piece of meat.

Her red lips were plump like petals, and her two rows of white teeth glittered like shells.

A cold arrogance lingered between her brows and the vast majority of men would involuntarily feel a strong sense of inferiority just by looking at her.

She had long smooth black hair that fell down to her perfectly plump ass and clean white skin hiding behind her blue one piece dress she wore.

Her ears perked up as she heard her fiancé's voice resound through her head.

She shot up from her chair and glared around with disgust.

"Gu Xia! Stop hiding and show yourself!"

Seeing that he didn't answer she angrily called for her bodyguards.


The door opened revealing two bodyguards who both wore black sunglasses and black suits.

"Miss, you called."

One of the bodyguards asked.

Shu Ling nodded her head.

"Find Gu Xia, he is hiding somewhere in my office!"

Both bodyguards froze for a split second as they heard their miss's words.

They didn't dare stay frozen for long as they both began searching around the room.

After 10 minutes of searching they found nothing which shocked Shu Ling.

"I-Impossible... I swear I heard him!"

Both bodyguards decided to keep their mouths shut as they saw their miss biting her finger.

[Because I quit being the villain I should start cutting off contact with the heroines.]

Once again Shu Ling heard Gu Xia's voice resound through her head which made her look everywhere herself.

In the end she found nothing which deeply worried her.

Suddenly she thought of what she just heard a second ago...

'What do you mean you quit being the villain?'

Shu Ling and every heroine thought the same thing when they heard Gu Xia's voice reverberate in their heads...