I Pretended to be Devoted and Weak, but My Husband Can Read Minds Book

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I Pretended to be Devoted and Weak, but My Husband Can Read Minds

Ideal Belly

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When Ning Wan transmigrated here, she became bound to a system. She had to behave like the original host by loving only Huo Ce. She had to be a fool who didn't care about his wealth. Otherwise, she'd be struck by lightning as punishment. She spent two years showing the world how much she loved Huo Ce. Fortunately, Huo Ce had a body that could never fall sick. However, he could only live to fifty. After he died, half of his health would go to his legal wife. This was the night Ning Wan had been waiting for! An accident happened unexpectedly. One day, she heard that Huo Ce, who had never been sick in his life, was suddenly hospitalized. She cried her way into the ward and grabbed his hand. She acted as if she was willing to die with him. Endless tears rolled down her cheeks. While crying, she began to speak. "How am I supposed to live without you?" Huo Ce watched coldly. He had expected this scene long ago. Apart from feeling annoyed, he felt no other emotion. Just as he was about to kick her out of the ward, he suddenly heard a surprising voice in his head. "When is he going to die? How much inheritance did he leave behind? How am I going to spend this money? Is it enough for me to find a few sugar babies?" "Ahh... What's wrong with him? I'm already crying like this. Why hasn't he gotten annoyed yet? Why hasn't he kicked me out?" Huo Ce fell silent after hearing the voice that sounded exactly like the crying woman before him. Is this... What she's thinking?


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