Chapter 8 Concealment Method_1

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Night fell.

Lu Xuan dragged his slightly weary body back into the house.

Though the number of spirit plants in the spirit field was not high at present: eleven stalks of Spirit Firefly Grass were about to mature, ten new seedlings were just planted, two Moon Erosion Trees, and one Red Cloud Pine.

But because of the extremely meticulous cultivation method, a round after round of Spirit Rain Technique and Ground Leading Technique had been carried out, making even Lu Xuan's strong physique of a Qi-Cultivator feel tired after a whole day.

However, he was enjoying it, and compared to watching the many spirit plants grow vigorously, this bit of fatigue was nothing.

After a simple dinner, he rested for a while, then sat on the wooden bed, operating his cultivation technique to recover his spiritual power.

The sudden increase in his cultivation level caused stagnation in the circulation of spiritual power within his body, which required some adjustment.

Suddenly, he noticed the array plate by his side emitting intense light.

A miniature spiritual energy shield appeared on the array plate. In a certain direction of the shield, a faint spiritual light was shimmering like ripples.

Lu Xuan's expression turned grave. He memorized the location of the shimmering spiritual light, the Sword Qi Talisman dropped into his left palm, and he abruptly stood up, came to the green-grey stone wall, and leaped over it.

On crossing the stone wall, Lu Xuan caught sight of a black shadow twisting its small body and trying to flee away at a high speed.

Upon seeing the tiny black shadow that tried to infiltrate his spirit field, Lu Xuan was fuming and wouldn't let it escape so easily.

He quickly circulated the spiritual power within his body and soon, a faint golden Sword Qi instantly condensed and, like a shooting star, whizzed towards the tiny black shadow.

The black shadow momentarily slowed as if solidified by the sword intent, getting sliced into two by the golden Sword Qi.

The light faded, and everything turned dim.

Lu Xuan tightly gripped the Sword Qi Talisman and scanned his surroundings. Seeing nothing unusual, he let out a sigh of relief.

He approached the severed black shadow, picked up the two cut pieces, and returned to the courtyard.

As soon as he stepped inside the house, a grey-black straw rope moved to Lu Xuan's feet, tapping his knee to signal that a foreign object had invaded the spirit field.

"I've already wiped it out, and your alert just came through. Your reaction speed is remarkable, indeed."

Lu Xuan looked at the grass puppet, which had retreated after alerting him, and couldn't help but be amused.

Under the dim candlelight, he could clearly see the Remnant Black Bud Worm in his hand.

"Once wasn't enough, so you came again. You consider my spirit field as your backyard, huh?"

Lu Xuan used the Golden Sword Technique to chop the Black Bud Worm's body into pieces, then burnt them into ash with the Fireball Technique, only then was his anger completely quelled.

"Thank goodness, the protective array functioned and timely stopped the invasion of this Black Bud Worm, otherwise the consequences would be unthinkable..."

The thought of his spirit plants inside the spirit field possibly being parasitized by the Black Bud Worm's eggs and thereby affecting his light cluster reward made him shudder.

More than ever, he felt that buying this second-hand formation must have been an extremely wise decision.

The appearance of the black bud worm was just a minor ripple in his otherwise tranquil farming life. In the following days, nothing unusual happened.

Lu Xuan's life was simple yet fulfilling, meticulously cultivating spirit plants every day using Spirit Rain and Ground Leading Techniques, and occasionally stimulating the Red Cloud Pine with the Fireball Technique.

He hadn't ventured out much over the past few days, only Zhang Hong had visited once.

Zhang Hong was about to go with the Wang Family cultivators and hundreds or thousands of loose cultivators into the wilderness, to open up a newly emerged Secret Land. Before he left, he came to say goodbye to Lu Xuan, and asked him to help watch over his wife and children at home.

Apart from that, Lu Xuan had barely interacted with anyone else.

After five days, he had harvested another two batches of mature Spirit Firefly Grass. A total of eight plants, leaving only the last three about to mature in his Spirit Field.

Out of the eight, three were of ordinary quality, while five were of good quality.

Three of the eight white light clusters that appeared gave Lu Xuan a year's worth of accumulated cultivation level. His spiritual power increased considerably as a result.

Out of the remaining five, two were experience packages for the Earth Pulling Technique and the Golden Sword Technique. These further deepened his understanding of these two formula methods, making them faster to deploy and more powerful.

And the last three yielded three first-grade talismans: a Sword Qi Talisman, a Swift Talisman for boosting speed, and an Earth Armor Symbol for defense. Lu Xuan stored all of them for future use.

After picking the eight mature Spirit Firefly Grass, a large area of the Spirit Field was cleared. Lu Xuan carefully planted the remaining ten Spirit Firefly Grass Seeds. Soon, they sprouted tender green shoots that trembled gently in the breeze.

The ten plants he had planted earlier had grown considerably, each about three inches tall. The color of their leaves turned dark green, and the luminescent spots on them became more prominent.

The last three Spirit Firefly Grass plants did not keep Lu Xuan waiting for long. One day, after each cast the Spirit Rain Technique, their progress bars filled up to the max.

With his mind focused, Lu Xuan encountered a pleasant surprise.

"Mature Spirit Firefly Grass of Good Quality." *2

"Mature Spirit Firefly Grass of Superior Quality."

"Finally, I have managed to cultivate a Superior Quality Spirit Firefly Grass."

Lu Xuan clasped the lustrous Spirit Firefly Grass in his hand, filled with relief.

Out of a total of twenty-four plants, through the careful cultivation of the Spirit Rain Technique and Ground Leading Technique, one of Superior Quality finally emerged.

Although the odds were slim, Lu Xuan understood why.

After all, the spiritual energy in his Spirit Field was thin. And the immediate status of the Spirit Firefly Grass was already in its late stage when he got to know it. It was difficult to significantly improve the quality, let alone elevate it to a higher level.

"If I want to produce spiritual plants of Superior Quality in large quantities, or even of Perfect Grade, it needs at least two conditions to be met,"

"Dense spiritual power and meticulous cultivation of the spiritual seeds from the time they are planted to maturity."

Lu Xuan concluded.

In the Spirit Field, three white light clusters flashed tantalizingly, drawing Lu Xuan's attention.

"Harvest one Spirit Firefly Grass and gain half a year's cultivation level."

Another boost to his cultivation level—I feel so lazy even thinking about practicing hard.

Touched by the soaring spiritual power that suddenly appeared in his body, Lu Xuan sighed.

"Harvest one Spirit Firefly Grass, acquire one First Grade Evil Banishing Talisman."

A yellowish talisman appeared in Lu Xuan's hand. An evil ghost pattern was emblazoned in the center, suppressed by two peculiar chains of inscriptions.

"An Evil Banishing Talisman, a First Grade Talisman, can purify and drive away certain ranges of evil, quite rare indeed."

A thought flashed through Lu Xuan's mind, and he carefully put away the talisman with the evil ghost pattern.

The final white light cluster came from the Superior Quality one. The quality of the spirit plant is one of the factors that affect the richness of rewards, and Lu Xuan had high hopes for it.

The light cluster turned into countless light spots and poured into Lu Xuan's mind. A sense of intimacy flashed in his mind, and a Cultivation Technique appeared within his Sea of Consciousness.

"'Concealment Method,' after practicing, it can conceal one's own breath and cultivation level, providing quite good hidden abilities."