Chapter 19: Qi Cultivation Level 4 (Seeking Follow-up Reading)_1

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"Little Uncle Lu, I have found out."

"The parasite issue at his house was resolved by that fat white cultivator, the impressions of the cleaned up larval corpses were not very strong, seems like the cultivator took them away."

It didn't take long for Zhang Xiu Yuan to come running out, panting for breath. The words he uttered made Lu Xuan's heart tighten.

"Investigate again!"

He exhaled a sigh, speaking with determination.

After asking two more loose cultivators, the answer was still the same.

After Qin Ming dealt with the parasite problem, he just took away the larval corpses.

In an instant, thoughts flooded Lu Xuan's mind, forming a clearer picture.

"Why is it that, despite being a cultivator at Qi Cultivation Fourth Layer like Lingyun Fairy and sword cultivator Li Xu, Qin Ming still charges ten to twenty percent less?"

"Why did he take away the larval bodies after dealing with the Black Bud Worm Larvae?"

"Why do I, a Qi Cultivation Second Layer cultivator, not have the right to earn even a little bit of Spirit Stones?"

"Because those Black Bud Worm larvae were released by Qin Ming himself!"

"He released the adult Black Bud Worms into the Spirit Fields of the Loose Cultivators, quietly laid eggs, used the vitality of the spirit plants in the field to nurture and feed the Black Bud Worm Larvae. When the larvae grew, he, under the guise of fixing the parasite issue, re-collected the larvae."

"This can also explain why, despite having the same cultivation level, the price to hire him, Qin Ming, is much lower than other cultivators at the Qi Cultivation Fourth Level."

"He is most adept at the Ice System Technique, which can separate the Black Bud Worm Larvae without harming the Spirit Plant."

"In the same way, he can freeze the larvae without killing them. After retrieving the larvae, he can defrost them."

"Thus, he can earn Spirit Stones and effortlessly bring back the larvae that were parasitic on the Spirit Plants, killing two birds with one stone."

Lu Xuan suddenly understood and realized why he had been so pushy.

Not only did Lu Xuan earn his Spirit Stones but he also killed the Black Bud Worm larvae he had planted.'

More importantly, he was just a little loose cultivator of the Qi Cultivation Second Level.

"So it seems, both the Black Bud Worm larvae I dealt with earlier and the adults I killed in the middle of the night, he put them secretly in the Spirit Field."

Thinking of this, Lu Xuan couldn't help but grit his teeth.

In other words, he not only used his spirit plants to help Qin Ming raise the larvae but also gave him Spirit Stones to take away the grown larvae...

If it weren't for the appearance of the White Light Group, immediately buying the Protective Array, getting the Golden Sword Technique, his own spirit field would just keep suffering from parasite issues again and again, until it consumed him piece by piece.

"Indeed, the weak only prey on the weaker."

However, if anyone thought he was just another helpless weakling ready to be played around with at will, they would be sorely mistaken.

A tiny grin stretched across his lips, his eyes bright.

When he returned home, the first thing Lu Xuan did was go around the walls of his courtyard, carefully examining every part of the Protective Array.

The Grass Puppet, sensing the presence of its master, extended a grey grass rope, trailing behind him like a small snake.

After confirming that there was nothing wrong with the array, Lu Xuan approached the Grass Puppet, took out a Broken Spirit and tucked it into the large tumor at the top of its head, formed out of grey grass.

"Given the huge gap in overt power and the significant conflict of interest, it seems that Qin Ming won't let me off."

"Fortunately, I don't intend to let him off either."

"However, even though I have made great strides in my cultivation, formula methods, elixir talismans, and so on recently, Qin Ming is, after all, at the Fourth Layer of Qi Cultivation. I don't know if I can defeat him if we were to confront each other now."

"The matter at hand is to strive to enhance my own power. Let's put the matter of clearing the parasites aside for now to avoid revealing any flaws in front of him."

Lu Xuan pondered and decided to stay home for now, enhancing his power while preparing for the possibility of Qin Ming breaking into his home.

In the following days, he peacefully stayed at home cultivating his spirit plants, and warned Zhang Xiu Yuan not to go out recklessly.

The fourteen remaining Moon Erosion Fruits had all ripened since the previous harvest, of which twelve were of good quality and two of superior quality.

Lu Xuan picked up the fourteen faintly shimmering White Light Clusters.

"Harvesting a Moon Erosion Fruit, acquired First Grade Artifact, Silver Rift Blade (Remnant)"*3

"Harvesting a Moon Erosion Fruit, acquired First Grade Talisman"*6

"Harvested one Moon Erosion Fruit, received one Yuan Cultivating Pill." *3

The rewards from the twelve superior-quality Moon Erosion Fruits were just as Lu Xuan expected.

Three silvery Silver Edge fragments filled in the last gap of the sword blade.

A thin blade appeared before Lu Xuan's eyes. The blade was a pale silvery white and was extremely concealed, whether it was day or night.

He controlled the silvery blade to dance freely in the air with his spiritual power, the speed of the blade was extremely fast, and it was very sharp.

Lu Xuan pulled out a decayed spiritual wood to test, the sword blade parted it like tofu, severing the sturdy spiritual wood evenly at the root.

With a thought, the rapidly moving silver blade around his body suddenly split into dozens of differently shaped thin silver slices, like a swarm of silver butterflies, they flew swiftly around Lu Xuan.

Soon, the dozens of thin silver slices gathered together, perfectly seamless, forming a uniformly intact small sword.

"Finally, all the fragments of the Silver Edge were successfully collected."

Lu Xuan let out a sigh of relief. The complete Silver Edge was even sharper, and it can instantly split into dozens of fragments.

When it was incomplete, Lu Xuan could control all the fragments, but there were still some feelings of sluggishness.

Now, even though there are more fragments, they are controlled smoothly and naturally, extremely slick.

"The greatest value of the First Grade Magical Instrument, the Silver Rift Blade, lies in its ability to split into fragments."

"If it attacks in the form of a sword, then it's just a decent First Grade Magical Instrument. But if it suddenly fragments during combat and attacks opponents, its worth will instantly rise two levels."

Lu Xuan controlled the silvery blade, swirling around several sword flowers, holding it dearly in his hands.

For the current situation, this is his best method to deal with Qin Ming.

Six talismans were all First Grade Talismans, no new types emerged.

Lu Xuan carefully preserved them. First Grade Talismans already have the ability to injure middle-stage Qi cultivators, if the number is sufficient...

All fears come from a lack of power!

Lu Xuan looked at the many talismans he had collected during this time and felt slightly relieved.

In addition, there were three First Grade Qi Cultivation Pills.

Two superior Moon Erosion Fruits yielded two First Grade Qi Cultivation Pill recipe from the light clusters.

After Lu Xuan absorbed them, he felt that he had a vast amount of theory in cultivating the Yuan Cultivating Pill.

It's like even though he hasn't been in actual combat yet, he has read numerous papers and has a very solid theory.

In the next ten days, the situation was calm without any waves.

Qin Ming seemed to have put Lu Xuan behind him.

However, Lu Xuan did not dare to be careless and was very cautious every day.

Apart from taking care of the spirit plants in the courtyard every day, he stayed inside the house, keeping his doors closed.

The Spirit Firefly Grass in the spirit field has been planted for quite some time. Under his meticulous cultivation, several Spirit Firefly Grass reached maturity in the past ten days.

Lu Xuan harvested six stalks of Spirit Firefly Grass, four of them were of superior quality and two were of top quality.

From the moment the Spirit Firefly Grass was first planted, Lu Xuan provided it with the best growing conditions based on its current status, and the hard work paid off, greatly increasing the chances of obtaining top quality crops.

Among them, three of the six rewards from the light clusters were several months of cultivation.

"Harvest one stalk of Spirit Firefly Grass, receive six months of cultivation progress." *2

"Harvest one stalk of Spirit Firefly Grass, receive nine months of cultivation progress."

As the thought passed, Lu Xuan's internal spiritual power surged wildly, rampant in his meridians.

Just like breaking through a non-existent barrier, spiritual power gradually calmed down.

"Finally, I've broken into the Fourth Layer of Qi Cultivation."

A relieved smile appeared on Lu Xuan's face.

After breaking through to the Third Layer of Qi Cultivation, Lu Xuan has been working hard to cultivate. Together with the almost two years of cultivation from the three new light clusters, he successfully broke through and became a middle-stage Qi cultivator.