9 The Might Of An Entire Country

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The next day, after breakfast.

"Gaia, Kors, come to my study later," the old man said after the meal.

The others felt a little suspicious.

Gaia's second uncle, Kors, was a professor of a university and a scientist.

He was usually not involved in such things, nor did he like to participate in them.

However, today, he was asked to go to the study. What did that mean?

"Kors, transfer that female researcher under you to Gaia!" The old man sat down and said plainly.

"Dad, are you talking about Christina Samuel?"

"That's right!" The old man nodded.

"Why? She's just an ordinary researcher. Why would she attract your attention, father?" Kors asked with some confusion.

"Because she's the daughter of the Samuel family, and also your nephew Gaia's fiancée. So, why do you think?" The old man said directly.

"What? She lied to me. She said that she came from an ordinary family. Otherwise, I wouldn't have let her join my research team! " Kors scratched his head and yelled angrily.

Gaia was a little speechless when he heard that.

"Please, uncle! That's you're concern? We're talking about my fiancée right now!"

Kors turned his head angrily and said to Gaia, "Gaia, take that fiancée away from my lab. I don't need these spoiled brats in my team."

Gaia just shrugged and replied, "Alright!"

"Also, Kors, if you have the time, follow Gaia to Jerusalem for a bit," the old man continued.

"Why?" Kors was a little puzzled.

Gaia, who was standing at the side, wanted to laugh. His second uncle was probably the only person in the family who dared to talk to the old man like that.

"Gaia, explain the situation to your second uncle."

The old man was too lazy to explain, so he left the task to Gaia.

Gaia told Kors about everything that happened in Jerusalem.

Kors's eyes widened.

If the old man had not remained silent, he would have thought that this was some sort of a joke.

"Are you for real?" Even still, Kors could not help but question Gaia's account.

"I took two videos. Wanna see?"

After watching the videos, Kors's face was filled with shock and joy.

There was no scientist who was not at least curious about extraterrestrial life.

"Go work with Gaia, don't waste what you've spent so long learning. You may leave first, I have some things to discuss with Gaia," the old man said.

Kors nodded and hurried out of the study.


"Discussions at the White House have concluded. The project to develop Mushu will be led by our family."

"Really? That's great." Gaia was overjoyed.

With the help of his family, he would definitely be able to gain further control of Planet Mushu.

"That's all. The details are in this document. Take a look when you're free, you should at least have an idea of what to expect," the old man said.

After saying that, he raised his head and looked at Gaia. After a moment of silence, he said, "Do your best. The reputation of the family is on the line."

Gaia nodded.

"Remember to get in touch with that young lady from the Samuel clan after this and develop a good relationship. In the upcoming project, the Samuel clan is one of our allies."

"Yes, I understand." Gaia nodded.

"Good, now go get some rest." The old man waved his hand.


The area around Jerusalem had been completely sealed off.

Even the Holy City had been shut down. Both merchants and tourists had been notified and arranged to evacuate.

All unrelated people were removed from the city by the soldiers overnight.

Within a thousand-mile radius, the only humans left were the military.

At the same time, countless military vehicles, tanks, and helicopters were all moving straight towards Jerusalem.

Even several American aircraft carriers were docked at the Indian Ocean, ready to provide support to Jerusalem if needed.

With the mobilization of troops by the entire country, the military prowess of the troops outside of the stone door grew significantly.

Since Jerusalem was situated in the desert, there were no airports suitable for military aircrafts to land.

Several engineering corps were urgently transferred to build an airport, and various construction equipment were urgently brought over.

Transport in Jerusalem was not convenient. Many of the major transportation routes were often buried by sand due to the wind, making the transportation of materials was difficult.

Therefore, tens of thousands of people were mobilized to construct roads and bridges.

In order to save time, several local military groups were even brought in to help with the construction of roads, military facilities, and civilian settlements.

The natives of the Middle East knew that something big had happened overnight.

There were military vehicles speeding about everywhere they looked.

The previously abandoned roads were now being redeveloped and built into the highest standard highway.

The roads were wide and flat enough for cargo planes to use them as a runway.

On the highway, countless military vehicles and tanks were all headed in the direction of the temple ruins.

From time to time, fighter jets could be seen zooming through the air.

Some bored pedestrians even started to count the contrails in the sky.

Just within one morning, there were already at least dozens of contrails.

This was something that never could have happened in the past.

"Are they starting another war with the Arabs?" A restaurant owner whispered when he saw the military vehicle passing by.

"Are you stupid? Can't you see that flag? That's the American flag. How could they be here for a war?" A customer said in a frustratedly.

Hoever, he was also puzzled. What exactly had happened?

Suddenly, the entire Middle East were talking about this.

There were also many civilians in Jerusalem who were protesting over this sudden 'invasion', but all of them were silenced under the American's iron fist.

Some officials were just playing dead at this point, acting as if they nothing was happening.

A few of Israel's neighboring countries were also curious about this. After several rounds of dealing with intelligence agents, the American military seemed to be tired of the exchanges and just started bombarding these neighboring countries, wiping out some of them completely.

Suddenly, peace had returned to the Middle East.

Even the rebel groups that were fighting at the border were completely wiped out.


At 1 pm, Gaia took a helicopter towards the temple ruins. When he looked down, he saw countless soldiers busy building roads.

Building roads in the desert was not an easy task. Many of the materials had to be specially made. Time was of the essence, they could not wait for cargo to be shipped by sea. They had to build factories to produce the construction materials on the spot.

He could even see the artilleries, tanks, and countlesscargo truck littered everywhere.

Further in, rows of armed soldiers were marching through the desert.

"So, this is the might of an entire country, or rather, the might of profiteering.

"Only driven by profits can the US, which has historically been slow to act, mobilize so many people in such a short time. It was a powerful force that reminds the world of their prowess.

"With this, many countries will have renewed their understanding of the US. They thought they were just a waning superpower, but they didn't expect it to be able to suddenly mobilize such a gigantic force.".

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