I Own a Garden with One Hundred Herbs Book

novel - Romance

I Own a Garden with One Hundred Herbs

Yan Shuiyi

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Bai Caoshi transmigrated as a female supporting character who was destined not to live past the early section of a novel. She didn't show any signs of panic. On one hand, she resisted the system's method of accumulating points. With the other, she planted a garden with a hundred types of different herbs. She made a living and looked after her family, all the while fulfilling her duties as a wife. She set up a pharmacy, created medicinal diets, started a cosmeceutical firm, and ran a golf club while she was at it. Her life was at an all-time high. The official synopsis: A peasant girl who lived among common folks found herself a husband who was the man of every woman's dream. Ever since then, she started growing herbs and looking after her family while he did nothing but sit still and look pretty. Everybody said, "She's nothing but a widow. How is she good enough for him? "Only he knew that the honeysuckles in spring, fresh bamboo shoots in summer, snow lotuses on the mountains, and dendrobiums by the cliffs were all products of her prayers on her knees. She could make altars out of earth and fragrances out of the grass, and she chose to share her most precious gifts of nature with him alone. In the treacherous struggle for hegemony among members of the dynasty, she possessed incomparable wealth that could help him ascend to the throne of power. Without you, what's the point of having this golden robe and these splendid rivers and mountains?


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