9 Little Bunny Was Really Killed?

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"D*mn it! Freeriding my Brother Kuang's popularity?"

"Is this funeral director seriously messed up? He actually wishes death upon Brother Kuang?"

"A car accident? Brother Kuang, with his biking skills, would get into a car accident? What a load of international b*llshit!"

"I'm telling you, this funeral director deserves a serious ass-kicking! Brothers, let's charge in! If he dares to curse Brother Kuang, let's take him down!"

"Hell yeah! Let's go! Take him down!"

"Who does this funeral director think he is, challenging our Kuang Army? Let's crush him!"

"What's going on? Does Brother Kuang have some history with this funeral director?"

"Don't you know? This funeral director had the balls to come and curse Brother Kuang on his own account. He is hoping Brother Kuang dies! Let's go after him!"

"Huh? Is that so? But I've actually followed this funeral director before, and the last person he followed ended up getting 'killed'... This..."

"Are you even a member of our Kuang Army? You're Falling for such lame tricks? Do you really think he can predict life and death? What a joke!"

"That's right! That guy was just lucky. I even checked out the cause of that death. The Little Witch starved himself to death and it had nothing to do with the predictions!"

"But... what if his predictions are actually spot-on? Maybe Brother Kuang should still be careful?" Some fans still wanted Brother Kuang to pay attention, just for safety. There was nothing wrong with that, right?

However, as soon as they made their comments, they were instantly drowned out by the so-called "Kuang Army."


This was a well-planned status update.


After being tagged by Brother Kuang, Li Yidao naturally received the notification.

However, when he saw Brother Kuang's post and the comments below, he just shook his head.

No good deed went unpunished! If he had known, he wouldn't have bothered reminding him!

"What an idiot!" After cursing, Li Yidao turned off his phone.

He tossed it aside and started organizing the merchandise in the shop.

After all, some of the things in the funeral shop had to be handmade.

There were things like the pager that could communicate directly with the heavens, or the three-story building as fancy as the d*mn heaven!

There were also gold ingots, paper dolls, cattle and horses, and so on.

To save on costs, Li Yidao and Li Yinuo would buy semi-finished products and finish them themselves.

He had no choice. In order to save money, he could only do this.

"What's up? Who pissed you off now?" Li Yinuo put the folded gold ingots into a bag, furrowing her brow as she asked.

"Nothing, just some country bumpkin. I kindly tried to give him a heads up, and he ended up cursing me."

"Oh." Li Yinuo kept folding paper, showing zero interest in Li Yidao being cursed.

Li Yidao, who was planning to vent his frustrations at length, ended up sitting down and obediently folding gold ingots.

The shop's inventory was running low, and they had some reservations for tomorrow.

It seemed that they might have to work overtime tonight.


When would he finally become popular?

"D*mn, it's tiring..."

Little did Li Yidao know, at this very moment, he was already famous!

Thanks to Brother Kuang's badass moves, at the same time as his own fan count was skyrocketing, even Li Yidao was gaining a massive following!

Besides the water army, there were at least tens of thousands of onlookers hitting that follow button!

It was only one night.

His fan count skyrocketed, breaking through six figures!


The next morning, bright and early, Li Yidao was rudely awakened by a clanging sound!

He opened his eyes and saw that it was 6:10 in the morning.

The voice came from the kitchen.

He immediately got out of bed and ran to the kitchen with a resentful expression.

"Li Yinuo, seriously? Can't you keep it down while cooking in the morning? Clang, clang, clang..."

"Gulp." [The sound of swallowing saliva here]

"...Don't strain yourself too much..."

As soon as he pushed open the kitchen door, he was met with the sight of Li Yinuo, brandishing a knife, and giving him a stern look. There were some unidentified meat shavings on the cutting board.

That was why his tone suddenly took a different turn!

"We're having dumplings today. You'll go on deliveries later. I'll stay home and wrap the dumplings. You promised to have them delivered before 7 o'clock."

"Alright, alright! I'm all up for deliveries. I'll go right away!"

As he spoke, Li Yidao ran away.

He had had enough! The way Li Yinuo had sized him up just now was creepy! He genuinely feared that the little lady might turn him into a dumpling filling!

After all, she had once come to his bedside in the dead of night and uttered some announcements.

Just the thought of it sent shivers down Li Yidao's spine.

He could still vividly recall that dark, stormy night.

Li Yinuo, whether sleepwalking or something else, had somehow found her way into his room.

In the pitch-black darkness, she paced back and forth, muttering to herself.

She threatened to slice him into pieces if he dared to snatch another apple from her!

Li Yidao was completely dumbfounded at the time!

One had to know that Li Yinuo was really holding a knife in her hand!

Come on, it was just one apple during the day! Was it really worth all this?

Li Yidao even considered taking Li Yinuo for a psychiatric evaluation the next day, but when he saw the mischievous expression on her face, how could he not figure it out?

It was just an act, a play put on by the little devil!

Even so, it left an indelible trauma in him!

That was why, every time he saw Li Yinuo holding a knife, he became a total coward!


Half an hour later, Li Yidao returned.

Li Yinuo had the dumplings all ready too.

The two sat down quietly and started eating their dumplings, minding their own business and engrossed in their phones without bothering each other.

Meanwhile, Li Yidao opened up his own platform.

There were already 999+ comments on the latest video.

Countless Kuang Army and random admirers were going nuts with furious rants.

Though feeling annoyed, Li Yidao didn't give a d*mn. He immediately opened the selective comment display function and ignored the rest.

But when he saw his fan count in the six digits, he was totally taken aback!

It was a number starting with 2.

Over two hundred thousand fans? And to top it off, the notifications kept coming in, indicating that the followers were still growing!

This didn't make sense. Even if that dude, Brother Kuang, pulled some strings, it wouldn't make sense for him to buy two hundred thousand fans for Li Yidao. That would be utterly pointless!

He was only trying to hype himself up, not Li Yidao.

But now...

What the hell was going on?

"Could it be..." A sudden realization hit him.

Without thinking, he opened up the news search.

"Your Little Bunny."

Loads of news articles and videos started popping up in a flash.

However, what really caught Li Yidao's attention was the top-ranked video with the most comments.

This was a super popular video!

The most important thing was the title of the video.

"Famous online star 'Your Little Bunny,' was tragically murdered while meeting fans offline!"

Li Yidao immediately opened the video.

"Famous streamer, 'Your Little Bunny,' caught up in a deadly clash with the big brother in her ranking over the tipping issue during their face-to-face meetup."

"According to the hotel cleaning staff, the moment she sensed something fishy in the room, she alerted the security right away. But by the time the security arrived, the tragedy had already unfolded."

"The two got into a heated argument over the tipping, which eventually erupted into a brutal confrontation."

"In the end, the big brother in the ranking accidentally killed 'Your Little Bunny'."

"The police have stepped in, launching a full-scale investigation into the case."

"Once again, the police are urging everyone not to blindly trust the online world! Try to avoid private meetings with strangers!"

Li Yidao finished chewing his dumpling and shook his head in disbelief.

D*mn, this streamer couldn't dodge the Grim Reaper's scythe after all...

What a pity.

However, he had already tried his best. There was nothing he could do if she did not believe him.

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