4 Died Due to Exploitation of Beauty

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"What's going on? Why are you so excited? Did you become popular?" Li Yinuo looked at Li Yidao's state and expression, clearly not impressed.

Li Yidao smiled slightly and said, "Don't envy me. I'm just a legend, with a simple ten thousand followers."

Saying that, he showed Li Yinuo his backstage follower count.


He had just crossed the ten thousand mark.

Li Yinuo looked at it with an incredulous expression.

Then, with an innocent face, she asked, "How much money are ten thousand followers worth?"

Li Yidao was speechless.

It was hard to say how much ten thousand followers were worth.

"Tsk!" Seeing Li Yidao's expression, Li Yinuo lost interest and continued watching her own videos.

If they were not worth money, why bother?


Li Yidao sat back on his recliner, feeling somewhat speechless.

He continued reading the comments from his online fans.

Suddenly, a voice echoed in his mind.

"Ding! The high-quality customer that the host has followed has died!"

"But since the host did not engage in subsequent business, the reward will enter the cumulative pool and will not be issued."


"Hmm?" Li Yidao frowned.

"The system is indeed a system. There's a reward for successful followings."

"I wonder if there would be additional rewards if I engage in business?"

"What kind of things will the system reward?"

Li Yidao's heart was filled with excitement!

He felt a little regretful that he did not receive any rewards for this one, but the system was finally activated!

As long as he followed a few more people who died, he would eventually receive a business opportunity!

Then he would know what the rewards were!

"Tsk, why does it feel like I'm cursing people to die? What a despicable thing!"

While cursing inwardly, Li Yidao opened the platform.

He started watching videos again...


Li Yidao watched the videos with excitement.

For the first time, he marked one of the pushed videos from the system as "dislike"!

Only by doing so, the platform wouldn't keep pushing yoga pants on him crazily.

And only then could he have more video options to explore.

Finally... after more than ten minutes, a weak-looking young man appeared on Li Yidao's phone.

"Brothers, I've been diagnosed with appendicitis today. I might not be able to deliver takeout for a few days."

"The videos will also be on hold for a while. Wait for me to get discharged, and we'll meet again!"

"I will definitely encounter another beautiful woman who can open the door for me. Then you'll all know that my experiences are real!"

In this video, a handsome young man was lying weakly on a hospital bed.

He was a food delivery rider.

Every day, he would live stream while delivering orders.

Naturally, interesting things would happen in front of the camera.

Over time, he gained some popularity, and now he had around two to three hundred thousand followers.

As the number of followers increased, people noticed that scripts began to appear in his videos.

But even with scripts, people still enjoyed watching.

Who would refuse a curvaceous yoga-loving beauty or a pure-looking girl in a bathrobe?

Well, it was popular. That was for sure!

[Ding! Potential customer detected, ID: Crazy Delivery Guy]

[Death Status Detection: Appendicitis warning, 1% death probability]

[It is a potential customer. The host can choose to follow under discretion.]


Li Yidao looked at the weak state of the person and thought another customer had arrived.

But when he saw the system prompt, he was taken aback.

So, an appendectomy could also result in death?

He instinctively touched his three-centimeter incision!

He felt a sense of fear!

"But the death probability is only 1%, so there shouldn't be a problem."

"I better not follow for now. Just give a simple like and follow up later."

After some consideration, Li Yidao just liked the video without actually following.

Although the death probability was low, giving a like and keeping an eye on it wouldn't hurt, right?

After all, once you liked a video, you could find it in the backend.

This delivery guy, who lived on the edge every day, what if he became a high-quality customer one day?

Looking at the location, it wasn't far from him. If such a customer needed him, there was a high probability of getting a business.

When it came to business, one had to be persistent and tenacious.

After all, the number of deaths in the world every day was basically fixed. If you didn't work hard and the work was snatched away by others, who could you blame?

After liking the video, Li Yidao continued tirelessly watching videos.

Another half an hour passed.

Finally, here came another one!

[ID: Your Little Bunny]

This streamer was wearing bunny ears.

She had an internet celebrity face, obviously just returned from studying in South Korea.

Plus, she had a tall stature of 1.7 meters, though it may be boosted by editing software!

There were also two heavy lumps.

She was sexy and charming.

Along with the promotional line on her profile that says "Addable to the big brother in the ranking"

Those who understood understood.

This streamer already had over 80,000 followers.

And her most popular video had over a hundred thousand likes.

Li Yidao opened her profile and videos.

Oh my.

There were black stockings, white stockings, and all kinds of stockings.

She was bending down and doing splits, displaying flexibility.

She was also twisting left and right, showing various dance moves.

She played the role of a charming young girl and acted flirtatiously.

Oh my!

Was this how the industry was now? All flashy like this?

No doubt, the internet had truly developed and brought about some good things!

Li Yidao glanced at the comments below her video.

"This waist, this leg, Oh my God."

"I've only watched it a billion times. Not much."

"By the way, what kind of stockings will she wear tonight? JK style is fine too!"

"F*ck! Can't you stop being so outdated, the JK trend is still around? Why not just watch the live stream of the big brother in the ranking?"

"Can I? Can I? Where do I pay?"

"Really? My Bunny is leaving with the big brother in the ranking?"

"No, I can't! Bunny! You can't do this, Bunny! What am I going to do without you!"


Li Yidao was reading the comments.

He suddenly felt like he had entered a different world.

The eagerness in his heart made him want to fight for the top spot! He wanted to become the big brother in the ranking!

However, as Li Yidao re-evaluated the donation values of the big brother, he silently chose to block comments from those guys.

All this talk about being "addable to big brother in the ranking" was just inflating prices!

Never mind. Never mind...

799 or even 599, wasn't that enticing?


Just as Li Yidao was feeling melancholic inside and planning to swipe away, the system prompt appeared again.

[Ding! High-quality customer detected, ID: Your Little Bunny]

[Death Status Detection: Beauty is the greatest gift from heaven, but also the greatest danger. When you use beauty to take a different shortcut, death can come at any time. The probability of death before the next live stream due to "Exploitation of Beauty" is 83%!]

[It is advised that the host should immediately follow the high-quality customer.]

Li Yidao was stunned when he saw the notification.

"Beauty, a shortcut?"

"Being pretty and still getting harmed? Could it be... kidnapping or robbery?"

At the thought of this, Li Yidao instinctively wanted to issue a warning.

However, he suddenly realized!

The heavenly secrets must not be revealed!

He could only let nature take its course.

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