I Own a Funeral Home: Live Stream Following Other Streamers and Shock the Entire Internet!

Li Yidao transmigrated into a parallel world and became the owner of a funeral home. While browsing videos, he accidentally came across a seductive woman in yoga pants. Suddenly, a system prompt appeared in his mind. [Due to long-term fasting, the probability of sudden cardiac arrest and death is 99%!] Yang Lin quickly gave her a like and followed her and then advertised his funeral home. [No worries after death. Yidao will escort you all the way. We provide all-in-one services to ensure that your affairs are taken care of. Pre-booking can enjoy a 50% discount!] Netizens laughed and praised him for being good at doing business, but they didn't expect Li Yidao's prediction to come true. The next day, the seductive woman died of sudden cardiac arrest. People were all dumbfounded. After a few more such incidents, Li Yidao became famous on the Internet. Netizens begged him to spare their lives. One day, Li Yidao entered Zhou Shuyi's live room. While she was happily demonstrating how to swallow a goose egg, a notification appeared. "Li Yidao's Funeral Home just followed you!" Zhou Shuyi exclaimed, "Hey, dude, your ID is interesting!" "Shuyi, run! Li Yidao is coming!" "You are going to be killed by Li Yidao, Shuyi... no one can escape once he follows you." "Oh no, big mouth, I'm gonna miss you..." "Rest in peace, Shuyi..." From then on, everyone was terrified of Li Yidao. Anyone who was followed by him quietly wrote their wills...

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Brother Noodles's Commercial Clueless Teammate

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

"Brothers, the Super Delicious Noodle Restaurant! I like this name. Today, I'm going to conquer ten bowls of noodles here!"

Half an hour later, Brother Noodles brought a group of people to this small noodle restaurant called Super Delicious Noodle Restaurant.

As Brother Noodles entered the restaurant, a middle-aged fatty came out to welcome him excitedly.

"Welcome, welcome, welcome to Super Delicious Noodle Restaurant."

"You must be Brother Noodles, right? Haha, I didn't expect to see you in person today. I'm your loyal fan!"

"I'm really too happy!" The boss grabbed Brother Noodles's hands enthusiastically.

"It's an honor for us to have you coming to our restaurant. The noodles you eat today are all free. Eat as much as you can!"

"And the audience in Brother Noodles's live stream room, as long as you come over within a week and say that you're a fan of Brother Noodles, you'll get a 20% discount!"

The greasy middle-aged man didn't notice the expression of the assistant behind Brother Noodles. His face was full of excitement!

However, what he did not know was that his current performance...

Or rather, the performance made everyone complain crazily in their hearts. "This was too f*cking fake!"

Even Brother Noodles looked a little unnatural!

He cursed in his heart! "Although I took the money, you're blatantly flattering me. Isn't that telling everyone that I took your money?"

If he had known this would happen, he would rather not earn this money!

The assistant beside him was also speechless, cursing in his heart. "Why did I have forgotten to remind the owner of this restaurant over the phone earlier?"

But who would have expected that this boss was such a clueless person?

However, as Brother Noodles's assistant, although he was also displeased, now was naturally the time for him to resolve this matter.

He quickly stepped forward and said, "Hehe, Boss is too polite. Our Brother Noodles never lets his fans pay for their meals."

"I wonder what are the specialty noodles in your restaurant? Let's order a few bowls to taste together with our fans."

"Haha, you don't have to worry about that!" The boss confidently said, "I've already prepared them for you."

"Just after we ended our phone call, I made the preparations. A few of our specialty noodles are already set up in the private room. Let me take you there now."

The assistant was speechless.

He cursed in his heart, "F*ck, what a f*cking idiot!"

They even had a phone call earlier? Didn't you see how Brother Noodles was chattering in the live stream room just now?"

It was a sudden discovery and then he came to visit. You didn't even subtly hint that it was prearranged?

"Uh, hehe, alright then, let's go over." Brother Noodles couldn't hide it anymore, so he could only get to the main topic as soon as possible.

He thought, "Sigh, if I had known that this boss would be so clueless, I would not have taken this job. However, they did pay a lot..."

100,000 yuan! They gave him 100,000 yuan just for a meal! That's a significant income for him!


Soon, they entered the private room.

Once they went in, everyone's expression turned speechless again!

A large table sign with "Super Delicious Noodle Restaurant" was placed in the middle of the table.

Then, there were plates, chopsticks, towels, and some paper towels. There were even a few banners hanging in the room, as well as two plastic signs with the words "Super Delicious Noodle Restaurant" written on them!

Overall, it felt like a full-blown commercial.

The few people who saw this scene were stunned the moment they entered!

Brother Noodles subconsciously glanced at his assistant, who was also dumbfounded.

However, he had no other choice at this point. He could only hold on!

After all, he was already here, and he couldn't just leave now, could he?

Moreover, the restaurant had already paid for it!


At this moment, the netizens in the live stream room also began to criticize.

"F*ck, what do you mean by discovering a new noodle restaurant? I've been to this restaurant before and it tastes terrible!"

"Yes, yes, I've been there too. It's been open for a few months. How should I describe this noodle restaurant? The taste was quite 'special'."

"I want to see how Brother Noodles will perform after hearing what you guys said. Haha."

"I say, Brother Noodles, we understand that you need to earn money, but if you're taking commercial deals, shouldn't you have some standards?"

"Haha, I feel that Brother Noodles is being played by a clueless teammate. Tsk tsk, look at his expression."

"I hope that Brother Noodles can hold back from spewing when he eats the noodles later. I had the Mustard Dynasty noodles last time, and all I can say is that it was really the Mustard Dynasty."

"Mustard? Noodles? I want to know how they managed to combine it together."

"Haha, you had the Mustard Dynasty? I thought about it for a long time but didn't dare to try it. I had the Soy Sauce General. Damn it! That smell is disgusting!"

"I've had their Sour You and Me before. Damn! It's also very disgusting!"

What Brother Noodle didn't expect was that the fans in the live stream room would crazily criticize him for taking this commercial deal.

However, he didn't expect that there would be netizens who already knew about this restaurant.

Moreover, it seemed that they had a bad experience?

For a moment, he was also a little dumbfounded!

He even looked at the dozen large bowls on the table and subconsciously swallowed his saliva.

"Brother Noodles, please have a seat. Let me introduce you to the specialties of our restaurant. I've racked my brains for countless days and nights to come up with this."

As he spoke, he began to introduce the dishes on his own.

He removed the lid of the first bowl.

A bowl of red came into view.

"I named this Extremely Fiery. It's made with high-quality chili. It's definitely spicy to the extreme!"

Brother Noodles gulped a mouthful of saliva as he looked at the noodles that seemed to be soaked in chili oil.

Even his assistant who stood beside him was stunned!

He thought, "How could a human eat this? He would spit fire if he took a bite, right?"

However, the greasy boss seemed completely oblivious. Instead, he continued to open the second bowl.

The entire bowl was filled with a peculiar shade of yellow.

"This is a Honey Bomb. It uses the freshest harvested honey. I don't want any that's more than three days old! The ingredients are definitely fresh."

"And this is the Mustard Dynasty. The mustard in it is all made by me. The taste will definitely satisfy your taste buds!"

"And... This is the Durian Limb "

"This is Sour You and Me."

"Pure Innocence."

The boss continuously introduced the noodles.

Listening to the following introduction, Brother Noodles was already a little overwhelmed.

The first three had already refreshed his understanding.

He thought in his heart, "What the hell are these? Are you playing with the traffic lights? Red, yellow, and green!"

"F*ck! Would anyone really eat this?"

"No wonder the netizens in the live stream room were making fun of it and eagerly anticipating it."

"What the hell is this?"

"I really want to know how your restaurant managed to stay in business!"

"But now... I had taken the money and bragged about it."

"More than 100,000 viewers were watching the live stream."

"If I admitted that I was a coward now and turned around to leave, then my popularity..."

"F*ck! It's so frustrating!"

If this was the Brother Noodles from before, he might have just left. It didn't matter. It was normal for him to fail to explore the restaurant.

However, he can't back down now!

Because the audience in the live stream room was excited!

They were all endlessly spamming the chat, asking him what to eat first, and even more fans were crazily flooding in.

Most importantly, more than ten big shots were on the line.

Luxury cars and private jets were flying everywhere!

In just this short moment alone, there were more than 100,000 tips!

If he were to back down and not eat it now, then he would have wasted his good popularity!

He thought, "F*ck! Let's go all out!"

Brother Noodles had a silent expression on his face! His inner turmoil was intense!

As for Brother Dao's prophecy, the discussion in the live stream room seemed to have diminished significantly!

It wasn't that they didn't want to discuss it. After all, Brother Noodles seemed to be in a good state.

And at this moment, what everyone was most excited about was how Brother Noodles would tackle those 'super delicious' noodles on the table!

It was definitely a challenge!