26 Victory

"I'll kill you!"

One holding a round medium sized shield jumped at me to stop my steps.

"Humph, in your dreams," but just as he jumped, I also did the same and evaded his body, turned around and hit his waist with my sword.


He screamed in pain before another sword hit him in the chest. He was, like everyone here, wearing chestplate armor. But my strength was enough to crack it open and cause a deep wound there.

Then his body flew in the air to fall in a loud thud tens of meters away.

"You are next," I targeted the two shield bearers first. After all, they could pin me in a limited area and allow others to hit me.



The two didn't stand a chance against me. It seemed that the traitor I killed first was the strongest in defense, the one who used the ball of protection.

"Form lines," but as I killed the two shield bearers, the one acting leader gave this order.

"Damn! Magicians and archers!" I spotted a group of fifteen at the rear holding various shaped staffs and bows. They were now the biggest annoyance for me.

But this isn't everything. Just as I was about to move, I saw many of the traitors at the front taking out shields as well and started to come at me with bloodlust.

"Hit him!" the leader, who was standing in the back among the archers and magicians, shouted, "kill him, if not limit his movements."

"Tsk, this doesn't look good," I estimated this situation and within a blink of an eye, all the records about mighty fights emerged in my mind.

"There is no other way," I stored Angelica's sword away before jumping to the side.



Violent attacks landed at the spot I was standing at just now. A big dust cloud rose up while around thirty traitors walked through like it was nothing.


"Do you think you are the only ones with shields here?" I took a shield first before protecting my body with it.



It was like being thrown in the middle of a sea of fire. I got all the hits from far and couldn't help but retreat.

I knew my shield wasn't enough to help me here. However I didn't plan on using it to defend myself in this battle.

I just bought a few precious seconds before I was equipped with my main defense in this fight; speed stat.

"Convert all the coins I have into stat points!" I didn't hesitate to use what remained of coins, adding to the current stat points I still had, it was enough to push my speed stat to the limit of this stage.

[Forty thousand coins are converted into twenty stat points to allocate]

"Add them all to the speed stat!" I didn't have time to do it myself so I hurriedly jumped away from the swords and lances coming at my neck from those traitors drawing closer.

"Keep hitting him! Close up and don't let him escape!" the leader kept shouting when he mistook my actions as an attempt to escape.

Who said I was going to retreat? C'mon, after all I did so far? Humph!

I felt my body becoming lighter as my speed stat was filled to the limit.

[Attention! You already reached the limit of the quest to speed stat]

I still had more stat points to allocate. I left them for now. I turned to look at those traitors. It seemed that increasing my speed stat didn't affect my speed alone, but it turned them all into some sluggish moving slow bodies like I was seeing a slow motion movie.

"Humph, stay here bastards," I instantly ran towards the distant archers and magicians. But I hit anyone standing beside me, throwing five traitors flying high in the air before slamming fiercely on the ground dead.

"S…t…o…p… H… i… m…" That leader spoke in a stuttered way as if he was a retard or something. I could now see the sparks of skills fired at me like they were flying birds made out of flames.

"Die!" I reached their spot in no time. I stored away my shield and took out the sword again. Using two swords, I started to create the deadliest dance here.

"I won't let you kill them all!" Just as I landed, it seemed that my high speed effect vanished for now. The leader moved with his sword and shield, trying to block my two swords and buying time for his remaining archers and magicians.

"F*ck off!" However, just before he could reach me, I ran towards his back before hitting him with my sword and sending him flying in the air. I experienced a brief lag in the movement of everyone around when I ran then it all vanished when I came to halt.


"I'll kill you bastard!"

"Run! Run and hit him with skills."

The traitors I left behind in the dirt were running fast towards me and shouting like crazy. I saw the archers and magicians moving away towards all directions.

"Who said you can escape here?" I didn't hesitate to run again. Anyone I targeted was sent to fly without any resistance at all.

They were magicians and archers, people who prioritized intelligence above all. Archers perhaps had higher speed stat than normal people, but they weren't even close to mine.




The battle changed drastically to look this chaotic. I was running after the terrified archers and magicians while killing anyone I reached.

From behind the melee traitors kept chasing. However they had high strength or defense stats, not much at speed. So they couldn't even get closer to me while I kept hunting down their people.

"Gather here," just as I was acting like a wolf in this pack of sheep, one of the melee traitors shouted. He wanted to gather any remaining magicians and archers behind and form a defensive layer between me and them.

Well, he had a good idea here to be honest. "This won't stop me," I stood in front of the enraged traitors holding swords, shields, spears, and lances while shielding a small group of six archers and magicians behind.

"You won't touch any of us anymore," one of them said in deep rage before adding, "surround the magicians and archers with a group of ten. Others follow me…"

"Don't tell me you forgot about me here?"

Just as he was arranging the lines in such a good way, I heard a voice who didn't speak during the past hour.

"Angelica!!! You damn traitor…"

"Just die!" Angelica suddenly appeared holding a sword and started killing those magicians and archers at the back. I looked up and found that she canceled the ball of protection to come and help.

"Good timing," I evilly grinned before I ran towards the front group. As she was back there, then I had nothing to worry about those rear magicians and archers anymore.

All that left was those melee traitors, with no ability to pose any threat at me at all.




My two swords acted like grim reapers, sending all they came in contact with in the air dead. Their movements were slow in my eyes while they couldn't even react in time towards my attack and speed.

"Gather around," the traitor who was trying to arrange their lines shouted again, "come together, form a tight circle!"




They ran to a nearby spot before raising their shields to form a big ball of metal. I killed more than half of their numbers with the help of Angelica before they gathered together like this.

"I never thought I'd survive this," as I stood watching this pathetic attempt of them to survive, Angelica walked slowly and stood by my side.

"And I thought you lost your sword and brought it for you," I motioned towards the sword in her hand before she chuckled.

"I have three other swords, you can keep them if you want."

"Cool," I said before returning to gaze at those idiots, "but that won't pay back even a hairbreadth of what you owe me."

She didn't answer and I knew she was thinking about what I would ask of her. I only wanted answers, and as she was part of those traitors, I had tons of questions to ask her about.

"I'll smash them in one go," I said before adding, "is there anyone worthy to keep alive?"

"They are all trash," she coldly said, "but leave one for me. The one who kept shouting and acting as their leader."

I knew whom she was speaking about and nodded. The next moment I started running before I slammed my sword using almost all my strength in that single hit.

"Brace yourself, we'll survive this together…"

That bastard tried to raise the morale of his remaining force, but he was mistaken. He seemed to underestimate my strength at this moment.

Just one hit, one hit and all the shields that they raised to defend against me overlapping over one another were thrown in the air before my next sword slashed horizontally at their bodies.

In just one attack I deprived them of their defenses and killed over half of them. The remaining traitors shook in fear and tried to retreat but my swords claimed their heads.

Only one was left, the one Angelica asked for.

"He is yours," I didn't move from my spot while feeling Angelica moving in strong steps towards that traitor.

"Damn you Angelica! This isn't over! They'll come and hunt you till you are dead! You can't survive them, you can't survive us."

"Stop talking bullsh*t," Angelica's cold tone came alongside her sword that cut that traitor's head before it rolled away on the ground.

I stood there watching the brutal leftovers of this battle. Angelica turned to me in all silence before she removed her helmet slowly.

'What a goddess you are!' and I was fascinated by her looks from the first sight. Her hair was long, smooth and curling up at its ends. It was red like fire, warm like a sun shining on this earth.

Her eyes were bright red, strange and unique, but I liked them. Her skin was so smooth like a pure jade of the purest crystal.

"Now I'm all yours," she slowly walked to me before she added when she reached just a few inches away from my face, "anything you want, I'll comply. From this moment onward, I'm all yours."

'Holy sh*t!!!'

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