59 The Jumper Is Really Mad!

"Don't give me that look, I'm fighting with all my power!"

The jumper jumped up like he was stung by my eyes. He claimed to do everything he could, but he was about to be truly tested here.

However, just as he said so, he kept himself up front, away from me. I was at the front alongside a few shield warriors. As for the Bulltors, they were fighting with all their might.

I didn't know if I didn't have all these warriors by my side how I would have survived this attack so far.

The red light kept shining at an alarming rate, giving me the impression it would attack at any moment. As there was no time to waste, I finally gave my final order.

"Bulltors, carry that man and throw him back there!"

The jumper was at the front, yet he wasn't truly fighting. He was just tagging along the mighty Bulltors doing nothing.

If I wanted to survive this, I had to choose between sacrificing my precious warriors or using that jumper. Without any hesitation I made up my mind.


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