Chapter 8

"It is nice to finally see you, Lord Lunaran. My name is Ferrego Antaryon, and I am here to ask for your help."

I nod and say.

"Please take a seat and tell me the reason you ask for my help. I am sorry for the direct way of talking, but I prefer that we finish our business before having some feast.

Ferrego nods, takes a seat, and says.

"It is not a problem, Lord Lunaran. I understand. Many people in Iron Bank also have the same kind of thinking."

"Thank you. Now, let's talk business."

Ferrego nods and starts to explain his reason for seeing me.

"Let's get to the point. The reason why I came here is to ask for your sponsor in my campaign to be the new Sealord of Braavos."

I blink for a second and say.

"Why me? I am not a citizen of Braavos, but I am from Lys. The city where they sell a large amount of slaves. Something you guys hate."

"I know. However, you are rather famous, you know? You are famous for taking all the discarded slaves on this island and making them your workers. Not slaves but rather workers. They can leave whenever they want. They can start a family without your permission. They are free people."

He smiles at me and continues.

"You are the only Lord from Lys that the people of Braavos approved. Because of this reason, asking you for help is the right decision. Combine it with the fact that you build a successful trading house that even reaches Summer Isles in a matter of a year. To be sponsored by you is something that many Sealord candidates envy. There is also the fact of your secret identity."

After he says that, Melisandre puts a knife on his neck, and I prepare to take out my sword as well. However, instead of being afraid, the man laughs and says.

"You did not need to worry, Your Highness. Your identity is safe with me, and I will not use that information to blackmail you. I still want to be alive."

I frown at his last words and say.

"What do you mean by that?"

"I got this information because I have been watching you since the day you arrived in Braavos. As for my last part, it is because the House of Black and White favors you."


"You might not know this but the higher-ups of Iron Bank get visited by our protector, the Faceless Men. They come and make a promise that they will give us a 'gift' if we dare to go and attack you. They said you are the beloved child of the Gods."

Faceless Men. They are a group of assassins that serve the Stranger, right? They think that death is a gift, and they thought that I was the beloved child of the Gods?! Wait. This is a good thing. That means they will not accept money to kill me.

"What else do they say?"

"That you need to grow without their help but they shall make sure no one can give you a gift before you reach the age of maturity."

That means after I reach the age of sixteen, their deal is off. At the moment, no assassin will get near me and can kill me with them watching over me. However, this will disappear when I reach sixteen.

"I see."

I take a deep breath and say.

"I can sponsor you."

Ferrego widens his eyes and his expression brightens at that news.

"However, what can you give me in return?"

I lean forward and say.

"Also, how can I trust you to fulfill your end of the bargain? I don't care if you are not getting chosen, but when you get chosen, what kind of thing will you give to me as the one sponsoring you?"

Ferrego looks at me and says.

"I can offer you a discount for all your ships that come to Braavos for the rest of my life. Not only that, but I also can guarantee you that Braavos shall support you if you want to reclaim your throne from the Baratheon Dynasty."

I did not care about the second one. As long as I am done killing the Great Other, I am more than willing to throw away the title of Prince of the Seven Kingdoms. I did not want to take care of that dumpster fire.

The first one… Well, it is useful but not too useful to me because I have a lot of money. However, it does make the people working for me happy. They might be loyal to a fault, borderline fanatic, but they are still merchants. They love money and do not want to part away from it.

"Right. What about the debt? If I desire to take over the Iron Throne once again, what happens to the debt that the fat king accumulates? Will you forgive the debt?"

"I cannot answer that question. Even if I get the Sealord position, I cannot make that decision. Iron Bank is its own entity, and the Sealord did not have enough power to order them around. I can sway them a little but cannot order them."

Right. Another reason why I should leave that position and never touch it.

"I see. How about military aid?"

Ferrego blinks at my question and says.

"Military aid? Do you want to wage war?"

"War? No. At least not yet. Look outside."

He walks toward the window and looks outside the window.

"What do you see?"


"Yes, people. However, what do you think the people on the mainland see?"

Ferrego widens his eyes and says.

"Slaves. Their defective slaves who look brand new."

"That's right. Sooner or later, the people on the mainland will notice and start to attack us. I need your help in that matter."

Ferrego hesitated for a moment before saying.

"A month after I get the office, I shall give you military aid if they attack you. However, I cannot guarantee the others will agree with my decision less than a month after I get the office."

"Hmmm, I see. Can you recommend someone willing to train my people in military matters?"

"That I can do. I know someone from the Company of the Roses to give your people some training in warfare."


I take out one gold ingot and give it to him.

"Here. Take this as the opening payment for their work."

"Does that mean you agree to sponsor me?"

I smile at him and say.


"Thank you, Lord Lunaran."

"Think nothing of it. As for my first donation… Do you know anyone who can melt twenty tons worth of gold blocks?"

He only looks at me in shock and says.


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