Chapter 7

|3rd POV|

A portly man gazes in awe at the ships before him as they unload their cargo. When one of his men opens a crate, revealing a bounty of wheat, his eyes widen.

"What do you think, Lord Manderly? I speak the truth, do I not?"

Wyman Manderly regards the man beside him. "Are you certain you're selling them at this price? It's even lower than what we pay when the Reach delivers in summer. And with winter upon us, food is scarce."

The merchant grins. "It's thanks to our lord's blessing! He is favored by the Gods! Everything he touches flourishes and prospers!"

The man rambles on like a fanatic, praising his lord. After a moment, he clears his throat. "Ahem! What I mean to say is that all these goods stem from my lord's wisdom and hard work."

"Indeed," Lord Manderly replies with a nod, though internally, he ponders the identity of this lord. Though many may see him as a simple glutton, his mind is sharp, contemplating the potential identity of this mysterious figure.

"How much are you willing to sell to me?"

"It depends, my lord. We have ample food, but we also intend to trade some in Winterfell."

"To establish connections, I presume?"

"Precisely! My apologies for the inconvenience."

"No need for apologies. I understand. I'll purchase a hundred and fifty tons of wheat. Can you manage that?"

"Certainly!" The merchant instructs his crew to unload the goods into a warehouse.

"Now, what is your name?"

"My apologies for the oversight, my lord. I am Horo Enneris from Lys and in service to the esteemed House of Lunaran."

"House of Lunaran? I'm unfamiliar with this merchant house."

"We're a newly established house, merely a year old."

"Indeed? Your lord must possess great fortune and diligence to develop a merchant house trading in such distant lands."

At the mention of his lord, Horo's smile widens. "Without a doubt! He saved us from servitude, granting us a new lease on life. He's truly a saint sent by the Gods to free us from our chains!"

Lord Manderly gazes at him in astonishment. "You hail from Lys, the center of slave trade in the Narrow Sea. Isn't that problematic for him?"

Horo's smile remains. "You need not worry, my lord. Our lord understands the risks but remains undeterred. He abhors slavery and fights against it."

"I see," Lord Manderly murmurs, a faint smile gracing his lips. "If your lord faces trouble in Lys, tell him he's welcome here. I'll extend my hospitality to one who combats slavery."

Horo nods gratefully. "Of course, my lord."

"Before we proceed to my office for payment, may I inquire about your lord's name?"

"Certainly! His name is Vyn Lunaran."


I release a sigh and look outside of the window of my mansion. Time has already flown by, and my fate as a beggar king has disappeared. I am now Vyn Lunaran, the Head of the Lunaran House of Lys.

It starts with Melisandre making me meet one of her connections in Lys. However, she never mentions that her connection is one of the Magisters, one of the most powerful families in Lys and the devout worshiper of R'hllor.

Because of this connection, we easily established our merchant house on the outer island of Lys. Lys has three islands. The middle one and the biggest island is the capital of Lys. This is where the most powerful nobles, merchants, and religious figures stay. Not only that, this island also contains the biggest Slave Auction in Lys.

The lower island is a giant vineyard for the entire population of Lys. It is ruled by two houses who defend their position with all their might. This island consists of eighty percent Unsullied, eunuch slave soldiers, nineteen percent servant slaves, and one percent freeborn people.

The upper island, the place where I established my house, is one of the most barren lands. This is where the slaves who are sick and undesirable get tossed away. At first, I couldn't do anything about them, but after I finally explored the Nether, that damn hell, and got myself watermelon seeds, I finally can finally make a Potion of Healing. Anyway, I healed them, and they are now working for me.

After healing them, some of them want to return to their home, and I give them money to do so. However, the majority of them decide to stay and work for me. They are all hardworking people who are willing to go above and beyond my expectations.

With their help, creating a successful merchant house was easy as some of them were merchants who slave traders captured.

So, here we are. I changed my name to Vyn Lunaran of the Lunaran House to make life easier. With the help of former slaves on this island, my money, and trees from Minecraft world, we build twenty Galleys. At first, I did not want to give them one of my chests to store the goods, but after Melisandre said that I could trust them, I gave four large chests in each ship to store goods so they did not go bad.

Even then, you cannot open the chest from the Minecraft world when you are not designated as an 'ally' by me. It looks like the Stranger already thinks about it falling into some bad hands.

With the help of the chest, the merchants did not need to worry about the goods getting bad and could only focus on navigating the sea, fighting some pirates, and making sure they made some profit.

The land around me is still barren to maintain an image of unprofitable land and make sure the others still think of me as a merchant house instead of a house that produces its own goods. How do I do that when I am maintaining the land barren? I make an underground farm.

Sheep, goats, chickens, cows, and pigs also stay underground. Because of my Minecraft ability and dirt from that world, I can grow food underground and raise animals there.

I did not need to bring food from my Minecraft world any longer to be sold across the world. The only things that need to be grown inside the Minecraft world are the Nether Wart and any plant that did not come from the Overworld of Minecraft.

"My lord"

I snap from my thoughts when I hear someone knocking on my door.

"My lord, your guests from Braavos have arrived."

I can hear Melisandre's voice coming from the door.

"Tell them to enter, Melisandre."

"Of course, my lord."

After saying that, the door to my office opens up, and I can see a man in his thirties walk inside the room alongside Melisandre.

"It is nice to finally see you, Lord Lunaran. My name is Ferrego Antaryon, and I am here to ask for your help."

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