Chapter 14

I sit on the chair and say.

"Go ahead. Please tell me about the attack that will soon be happening."

Ser Willem nods his head and says.

"I hear about the rumor around Pentos and Braavos that the Magisters of Lys are hiring many mercenaries, and the rumor is that they want to attack this island."

I release a sigh and look at Melisandre.

"Sent a letter to Ferrego. I want to know why he decided not to tell me about this. I thought we were allied after I helped him win that position."

"I shall do that, my lord. However, should we send someone to ask him directly? One of our ships is about to depart for Braavos."

"Go. Send the letter and ask the merchant to ask him directly."

"Of course, my lord."

I think of myself as a generous person, but I hate betrayal. Ferrego promised me not only free tax for my merchants but also to make sure to inform me about anything or anyone who tried to attack me. However, he did not inform me about this news. There is no way that he did not have this news, and if I truly knew about this but decided to hold this information, I would do something that he would regret for the rest of his life.

I can be petty if I want, especially when someone does something that can hurt my people.

With Melisandre leaving my office, I look at Ser Willem and say.

"Tell me more. Which Free Companies do they hire? When will they attack, and who is ordering this attack?"

Ser Willem nods his head and says.

"I did not know when the attack would happen or who was ordering this attack. However, I know that it is because of your ability to heal, Your Highness. They want that. They want you to be their slave who makes all the potions for them for free."

"I see. Greed is already clouding their minds, huh? I am a new Merchant House, and they thought that they could do whatever they wished, huh? They are wrong. We shall show them what kind of monster they awaken. Never tickle the sleeping dragon, or you shall feel their fire breath. Not only do they tickle the dragon, but they also spit on its eyes."

I look at Ser Willem, who looks at me proudly for some reason.

"Tell me about the Free Companies they hire."

"I don't know which companies they hire, but I heard they are talking to the Commander of the Brave Companions."

"Those Rap*st and Pillaging bastards?!"

The Brave Companions is an infamous Free Company. They are known for their sadistic tendency to torture prisoners of war they capture and r*pe any women they get their hands into. Not only that, they are also known for taking slaves of the people they attack when they are in Essos. They did not do that in Westeros, but they will still r*pe people.

"Yes, Your Highness. If they manage to hire them, we should expect around one hundred and seventy people to come to us."

"Please don't tell me there are more Free Companies."

"Sadly, I bring bad news, Your Highness. I hear the Bright Banner is already moving to Lys for a job, and I have a feeling the job is to attack this place. They are a two-hundred-strong company, Your Highness."

That means we have more or less four hundred people attacking this place, huh? We have a hundred people who can defend us and another hundred if we decide to take all the guards for the merchant ships.

Two hundred against four hundred or even more. The odds are not in our favor. However, we have something they did not have. We have magic on our side. Not only that, but we also have potions and maybe some mob if I want to cause even more chaos.

I have a lot of wolves waiting back in the Minecraft World. Forty wolves will be a force to be reckoned with if I put them in the right place.

There is also the TNT. Throwing TNT at the enemy will be a sight to behold, but at the same time, it is dangerous as it can also destroy our place and hurt our people. I will use the TNT as my last resort.

I release a sigh and lean over my chair. It looks like I need to work overtime the next time I arrive in the Minecraft World. To increase the survivability of my people, I need to get as many enchantments as possible and kill a lot of cows for their leathers.

Iron armor is expensive and a waste of resources for now, as I need them for a lot of experimentation. Leather is the way to go, and I can ask the blacksmith to make chainmail as the secondary armor behind the leather armor set.

I can also enchant them, meaning I need to build the monster farm to get the exp for the enchanting. Urgh. That means I need to delay my Ice Block highway project to move faster in the overworld. I still need a way to move faster in the Nether Region, but I will think of it later.

I need to plan where I need to put my mob farm.

"Your Highness?"

I snap from my thoughts and smile a little.

"I am sorry, Ser Willem. There are a lot of things in my mind."

"I understand, Your Highness."

I nod and say.

"Let's talk about our current problem. With hundreds of people coming to this place, we need to make some preparations. Ser Willem, I need your expertise in this matter as I do not have anything. I might be training in sword, shield, and bow and arrows, but I did not have any experience in war."

"As long as those old bones are still working, I shall give it all to help you, Your Highness."

"Thank you, Ser Willem."

I give him a smile and continue.

"First thing we need to do is to hire some mercenaries. They are not the only ones who can be mercenaries, after all."

Let's see if they can match me in terms of spending gold. With the power of Minecraft, I shall show them that they are nothing but a poor group of people who think they are rich.

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