Chapter 12

I look at the massive wall in front of us in awe. This thing is even more beautiful and massive than in the TV series. Lord Stark takes us to the top of the wall, and I can see endless white snow in the distance. While the others came here to look for the scenery, I did not come here to do that.

I came to this place to check on my prime enemy, and boy, I get a lot from standing here.

"Melisandre…" I look at Melisandre. "Do you feel it?"

"Yes, my lord. I can feel it."

Lord Stark looks at us in confusion and says.

"What do you feel, Lord Lunaran?"

"Something foul. It is cold and smells rotten."


I shake my head and say.

"It is nothing, my lord. Just something that I feel when I arrive here."

I take a deep breath and say.

"Right! Thank you for taking us here, my lord. Let's get back to Castle Black. Let's talk more business."

I know I am not strong enough to kill the White Walkers at the moment, but I will grow stronger and ensure that when I fight that thing, I kill it for good.

Lord Eddard takes us to Castle Black, where we get inside the Lord Commander's Tower and see the Jeor Mormont already waiting for us.

"Are you guys done? Good. Let's talk about this business you want to discuss, boy."

I can see Melisandre frowning at his tone, but I raise my hand to stop her from doing something stupid.

Lord Stark and I sit in front of him.

"The reason why I come here is to offer a trade between us. I want to make a trade with the Black."

"Why? We have nothing in here, boy. There is ice and snow in this place, nothing more."

"That is not true. The Gift is quite a fertile land, and I know that you guys raised one of the best goats in the world. I want them. I want the goat in your land and trade medical herbs from this land."

"That is good, but we cannot cultivate that with winter on our door. At the moment, we offer nothing to you guys as we do not have enough goods to trade."

"You do. Wood and fish. We want fresh fish and living fish from the north."

"What? You want our fishermen to catch fish when you arrive, boy?"

"Yes. That is what I mean. When my merchantmen arrive here, I need your people to go and catch us some fish. I also want your men to catch them alive if you can. Put them inside some kind of bucket or something. As long as they are alive, we are good."

Lord Commander Jeor looks at me for a few seconds before saying.

"Very well. I shall inform the fishermen about it. I don't know if you have some kind of reason behind this deal, but as long as you are helping us, we will remember your kind action and help you when you need us."

"Thank you. We just had too much food and did not know where to put them. We would rather trade them for fish, wood, and fur rather than throw them away. Also, if you can gather some tree saplings, that would be fantastic."

"What? Do you want to create a Northern Forest in Lys, boy? These trees need cold wind and snow to grow. Some southern people tried to plant them in the South but failed."

"Maybe it can grow in Lys. You did not know."

"Bah! Fine. I will tell the others about it. Anything else?"

"Nothing at the moment. However, if there is something I want, I shall send a letter through one of my merchants."

"Good! Then let's drink!"


|3rd POV|

It has been a month and a half since the agreement between the Lunaran Family and the Stark Family, and the trade has been a great boon to the Northerners. With Winter finally arriving in their territory, many of the lords would have struggled to feed their people, and many would have died in the winter.

However, with the help of the Lunaran Family, people manage to survive the first month of the winter.

Not only are the Lunaran Family willing to sell their food at a low price, but they are also willing to trade their food for something very mundane for the northern people. Among them is a block of ice. Only a few people know why Viserys wants a lot of blocks of ice, and even a few people are confused by the answer Viserys gives them. He only says that he wants to create a boat highway.

They did not know what he meant by that because, in their mind, boats and ice did not connect. However, they decide to ignore it and obey their lord and savior's orders.

Because of this, many people are waiting for the arrival of the Lunaran's convoy with their money and blocks of ice to be sold at the dock in Cerwyn. When Horo leaves the ship, people start to shout to get his attention.

Horo nods his head and looks at his crew.

"Get the boys to carry the ice! Also, bring the goods!"

"Yes, sir!"

Since Viserys wants ice blocks, people start to farm ice blocks in the nearby lake or use the holes they dig for the water they get from the sea and river. They make sure not to empty the lake by filling it with snow so the snow can melt from the water and refill it with water.

And this is happening not only in Cerwyn territory but across the North. For some reason, Greyjoy did not attack all the ships passing their territory. However, it might be because of the amount of ships passing through their islands.

Greyjoy pirates are not stupid enough to attack a fleet of forty ships sailing together, especially when those ships are filled with an army of mercenaries and Viserys' private army.

Bear Island became the hub between the Lunaran House and the Western side of the North.

However, all good things will attract bad people. This movement started to attract the attention of the Southerners, especially the people in the Reach, who were angry that their plan to sell their food stock to the North at ten times the usual price failed.

"Mother! Look at this! Our merchants are complaining about their food getting spoiled!"

A portly man walks toward an older woman who is tending the flower bed in front of her. The older woman signs and says.

"Use your indoor voice, Mace."

The old woman looks at the portly man and continues.

"Also, I already know about it and have done something to try to fix it."

"What is it, mother?"

"I have already sent a letter to King's Landing and asked Lord Arryn about this situation. We only need to wait for the answer. However, don't expect something good from it."

"Eh? Why, mother?"

"While Lord Arryn will try to appease us, I don't think the king is willing to do anything to help us as he loves the North more than us."

Olenna Tyrell looks in the distance and continues.

"However, other than worrying about the North. We should be worried about the source of the problem."

"Who is it?"

Olenna looks at her son and says.



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