I Only Have Support Skills

[Warning! Adult Novel!] The emergence of dungeons has reshaped the world. At the age of 16, individuals are bestowed with the 'blessing', which grants them skills to aid in conquering these dungeons. Meet Dante, our protagonist, who initially joined from squad to squad as a support member and possessed only an F-rated skill potential. Due to this limitation, Dante faced discrimination and endured bullying. However, driven by his determination to survive, he managed to obtain a system that would pave the way for his growth and newfound strength. However, the system he acquired only reward him with support-related skills. Fortunately, these abilities can also be applied to himself. Can he truly break free from always being at the receiving end? Dante emerged from the shadows, reborn under a new alias, embodying the person he yearned to become. While the System bestowed upon him great advantages, it also presented him with perilous challenges he must confront. *** What to expect: 1. This has an 18+ tag so expect sexual scene, especially after he fully accepted his new identity. 2. Superpower in a dungeon, or you can say mutants in a dungeon. 3. Mc is a crazy villain. 4. Update time: 12:00 AM(GMT+8) 5. At least 7 chapters per week with 1,500 words to 2,500 words. 6. If overall gifts reached 1000 coins, there will be a mass release of at least 5 chapters at the end of the month. About the author: Handsome! Volume 1: Power Corrupts the Mind(Completed) Volume 2: Playful Eka(Completed) Volume 3: Three Devils(Completed) Volume 4: Unknown Volume 5: Unknown Volume 6: Unknown

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The Support System

Instead of answering, Dante cast a wary glance around his surroundings. Lacking any weapons, he defensively raised both of his hands close to his face.

"Where are you?! Show yourself!" Dante yelled, his gaze darting around the forest. The only response was the rustling of leaves and the startled flight of birds he had disturbed.

He couldn't shake the feeling that someone was toying with him. With numerous unknown skills in this world, he suspected that this was some sort of prank.

Still, there was no response, and the translucent screen remained unchanged.

Perceiving that something was not right, Dante tilted his head in perplexity and muttered, "Yes."

In response, the translucent screen expanded, revealing a plethora of data.


Player: Dante (Human)

Health: 100/100

Energy: 100/100

Level: 1 (0/150)

Stat Points: 0

Skills: Concentration


Strength: 1

Defense: 1

Vitality: 1

Endurance: 1

Agility: 1

Then, another screen materialized beside it, providing Dante with an explanation of what he was currently observing: details on leveling up, quests, how to allocate stat points, and a comprehensive breakdown of his attributes.

"The tutorial will continue as you uncover more of the system's functions," the mechanical voice resonated within his mind.

Dante's thoughts raced, and he attempted to tap into his skill using mana, but to his dismay, nothing happened. He sensed no mana within his body.

"W-what's happening?" Without access to his skill, he felt helpless. This skill had been his source of solace, calming his nerves and fears. Now, with it seemingly out of reach, a sense of dread washed over Dante.

"You can't activate skills through mana; you have to activate them through the system," the mechanical voice clarified, drawing Dante's attention back to the screen.

The term "system" seemed to refer to itself, or so Dante surmised. He briefly considered the possibility that he might still be dreaming. The screen before him did appear strangely familiar, reminiscent of what he had seen while playing certain video games. Despite not being an avid gamer, he recognized the interface.

Doubting the authenticity of his surroundings, Dante pinched himself, registering the pain. He reluctantly decided to cooperate with the system that lay before him.

"How?" Dante inquired, realizing he didn't have much of a choice but to seek guidance from the enigmatic system.

"Imagine that you want to activate your skill," the words on the translucent screen instructed, and the mechanical voice reinforced the message. The process of mobilizing a skill by merely envisioning it was a departure from Dante's usual approach. Typically, he would channel mana in his body through a specific pattern to activate a skill. However, this new method of simply thinking about skill activation was refreshingly straightforward.

Dante decided to give it a try.

With a single thought, Concentration, his skill, activated effortlessly. A soothing calm enveloped his racing mind, enabling him to think more clearly by eliminating unnecessary distractions. His heart rate slowed, granting him a heightened awareness of his surroundings.

After 10 seconds, the skill entered a cooldown phase. This limitation was one of the drawbacks of his skill, permitting its use for only a brief 10-second window before requiring additional seconds to become available once more.

An update appeared on the status screen before him, displaying "Energy: 90/100."

"The use of a skill consumes Energy," the mechanical voice explained.

Dante, now calmed by his skill, accepted the unfolding situation. Grateful that there were no other humans nearby, he had some time to contemplate his next steps.

"Why can't I access mana?" Dante inquired, seeking answers from the system.

"Access Denied," a translucent screen retorted in red letters. Disappointment washed over Dante, and he considered asking why the system was with him, but he received the same response.

Yet, in the very next instant, a profound sense of vengeance surged within him. Dante resolved to place his faith in the system and, if the current circumstances were indeed genuine, he would forge his strength by hunting down monsters within the dungeon and embarking on quests. He had never harbored any illusions about being a virtuous person to begin with.

Despite the system remaining an enigma, ruminating on it at this moment wouldn't yield many answers. Surveying his tattered clothes, Dante opted to retrace his steps to his apartment first, where he could contemplate his next course of action.

He located the water stream and began to follow its winding path. Nearly an hour of walking later, he stumbled upon a highway. Luckily, he was on the outskirts of the city, which meant he wouldn't have to travel far to reach his apartment.

The emergence of dungeons and Holders ushered in such profound societal changes that the very fabric of the world transformed. Nations crumbled while new ones emerged. Dante's apartment was situated in Hyra City, where he intended to return. Along the way, passersby cast curious glances in his direction, though they hardly appeared surprised. Scenes like his had become a common sight: Holders fresh from the dungeon or individuals down on their luck.

His physically enhanced body spared him from exhaustion, allowing him to reach his apartment without excessive fatigue. Along the journey, he discovered that he had only been unconscious for a single night. Bereft of his possessions, he now had to locate the spare key hidden behind the potted plant beside his door.

The apartment, though modest, possessed the essential amenities of an ordinary home but was best suited for a single occupant. Dante had lost his parents during his childhood, during a "monster invasion" that had occurred. When a dungeon manifested, it had to be swiftly conquered to prevent its connection to this dimension from strengthening, which would allow the monsters within to wreak havoc beyond its confines.

Dante's parents had tragically fallen victim to these very creatures.

Once he had unlocked the door, Dante headed straight for the bathroom, craving a refreshing shower. After donning clean attire, he stretched out on his bed and delved into the system embedded in his mind. As he sifted through its contents, his attention was drawn to a new addition: a bag icon in the top right corner, bearing the numeral 1.

"What's this?" he wondered aloud.

In response, yet another translucent screen materialized, but this time it differed from the previous ones. It featured a row of empty boxes, the first of which held a golden box adorned with a luminous question mark.

"This is your inventory, where you can claim your rewards. As a newcomer, the system has decided to reward you with a 'beginner box.' To open it, simply think that you want to."

'Beginner box, it's like something out of an RPG game,' Dante mused, drawing upon his previous experience with such games. He had enough funds to purchase a mobile phone, after all.

With a thought, Dante initiated the box-opening process. The container emitted a radiant glow before disintegrating into a cascade of light particles, revealing a screen before him.

"Congratulations on acquiring the Mask of Support!"

"Item Description: Mask of Support

Enhances a support skill by 50%"

Dante scrutinized the newly acquired icon—a white mask that could conceal his entire face, adorned with black smudges around the eye area that resembled smeared eyeliner.

"So, the system claims it's a support system designed to make me the ultimate support?" Dante mused aloud. A bitter smile crossed his lips as he contemplated the possibility that his destiny might indeed revolve around supporting others. However, he had resolved not to use his skill on anyone else but himself.

The system had also mentioned that he could bolster his strength through the allocation of stat points. Fortunately, Dante could also utilize the skill on himself. With that in mind, he retrieved the mask and placed it over his face, then stood before a mirror, examining his reflection.

As he touched the mask, Dante contemplated his future plans.

With his current abilities, he couldn't exact vengeance on them.

"Revenge... I need to become stronger first," Dante resolved, the mere thought of Lucius and his squad filling him with a growing sense of frustration. With determination, he decided to head straight to an F-class dungeon, where he could level up and grow stronger.

'With this mask, I will never bow down to anyone.'