I Only Care For Evil Duke's Child Book

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I Only Care For Evil Duke's Child


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“So what if he is his child, he does not belong to me!” These were the words of Anastasia all her life until she faced her doom. Anastasia, a young and naive woman, thought that duke Garrison was the most handsome and skilled man in the empire and married him. But she had no idea that traps and betrayals were waiting for her in the palace. Soon she was entangled in an embezzlement case and then her step son died saving her whom she had never paid attention to, and the blame comes to her. she cried and lamented for choosing the wrong persons and trusting the one who wanted her dead but her biggest regret was the child, Rowan! “Relationships are not made by blood, but by love and care. I was wrong all my life.. But now it's too late.” the feeble words of her heart died in the noise that was created by the wailing voices of spectators and hooves of the running carriages. “Anastasia Sopheriene killed her stepson, Rowan Sopheriene, for wealth and power. For her sins, she would be given the death penalty and all her wealth would be seized. Not only that, her parents would suffer the same fate. The royal court would personally witness the whole punishment. The court is adjourned for now.” the bang on the table decided her fate. She did not get the chance to speak. No one thought it was needed and so the story of A Villainess ended. But….. sometimes the god gives justice to the villainess too. When she opened her eyes, she was young again. Her eyes stared at the whole scene with relief and determination, “I will change the future of that child with me! This time… I know who is my enemy!” from there started a new story of power, love and the villainess who would never let her enemies rest. contact me on.. I_am_creator#2352 if you like my creation, you can also buy me a coffee https://ko-fi.com/iamcreator01/