253 The Magicracy's faults

Savine explained why very easily. It's because life in the Magicracy was much easier.

'Is it really that simple?' Eliseline had asked back then.

'Of course. Look at the two top-mages in your country. One's from the North, where they have to potentially stop an invasion from the Living Obsidian. Though the creatures are weak in reality, the mages consider them the greatest threat. Hence, they send their best fighters north. Didn't they try to poach you as well? There, just by being with these talented mages, one would grow to great heights. 

'As for you, you needed to defend your duchy from invaders in the south and greedy nobles from the north and also from inside your own duchy. Such circumstances will naturally make you desire more power. And also, probably your childhood was sad as well, forcing you to be more reliant on not-human things such as magic and warfare. For most noble kids, that's considered a hard life.'


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