Reviews of I must save the world, but I can't kill anyone.


I must save the world, but I can't kill anyone.


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a good read, also loli mc, that said, i always wondered why the rating in this site is so ridiculous compared to other sites, either rated too high or too low. now i know, its this stupid review system that require that you write an essay just to give a score, so its only those who hate or love the novel that vote and not 95% of people who wont bother rating due to it being too bothersome.

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Very good story, I want to see how it develops in the future, I like the characters and the narration is fascinating. I will be waiting for the updates


The grammar is flawless with little to no error. Sentence and paragraph flow could be improved a bit, but that is a minor nitpick. The story is intriguing and draws one in. It has decent pace and won’t run one over with plot points nor get bogged down with descriptions of the second and fourth tree of a random mountain. Definitely worth trying at least ten chapters and thirty if one has the time. I hope the author will continue writing the story and I look forward to its completion.


Ok then. I found the book very different from the other novels and gave it a try, it's a really refreshing book and I really wanna see how the girl grows...


I love the character and the background of this world. I know this was tagged as romance but i live the way author writes their battle scenes. The magic system in here is intricate and the characters are dynamic and engaging


I love the flow of the story; it feels like I am accompanying the main character through the story. I only read a few chapters, but I can see that the story is action-packed.


I find the plot of story very different than the typical ones. Author has taken a good start and I am really impressed by author's wide imagination. The main character depicts power and magic which is worth giving a shot to this book. I really like your work.


first time I've read up to me having to follow the story in a long time, I really enjoy this read. good job author, I had no times of boredom or cringe.


Enjoy reading this on a daily basis. The characters are very realistic and reasonable, with complex relationships. The world building and the rules are simple to understand, but has a lot of depth to it, which help new ideas seem logical and narural. From the occasional mistyped he/she pronouns it's a smooth read that gets you hooked. Really progressing well, cannot wait for further development. Keep up the great work.


Reveal spoiler


Overall well-written novel. I gotta be honest, I do not prefer romance novels. Yet this one stand out and captured my interest. The plot is pretty good, so I do recommend it to others. Keep up the good work author


Reveal spoiler


This novel earns a 4.4 out of 5 stars from me. Because I don't see anyone else providing a detailed review of this novel, I'm going to write one myself, and I hope that the author isn't offended by the criticism that I provide. To begin, I would like to state that I am not a big fan of stories that have a fast plot. I much prefer to read in a more relaxed manner, and I don't want to have my head spinning with information dumps, which most authors who write stories with fast plots tend to do. So that readers like me will find it less enjoyable when we want to get into the story and be confused by new characters that keep appearing and events that keep changing rapidly. This will make the story less enjoyable overall. I want to ask, at the beginning of the story, the main character made a risky move with all of the knowledge she had, despite the fact that she was not permitted to injure or even kill other people unless her own life was in danger. Does this imply that she is only permitted to react if a rock comes dangerously close to hitting his head? In addition to all of that, the aspect of this novel that I enjoyed the most was the interaction between the characters. In addition, the consistency of the updates was excellent. The author did a great job.


She said she likes eliseline and even kisses her but then she marries and has s*x with a prince who falls in love with her at first sight while she’s still in her 12 yr old body. Not only that he already had a wife that he married for ‘love’,, and its just like WHY?! What was the reason 😩


This is a very nice novel. The plot seems to be heading in a good direction. Character design seems average for this website, and the background is good. A good novel for this website. Very nice cover


What a surprise! Excellent work, original plot, storyline starting with a great rhythm, the trial looks quite sarcastic for the angel haha, this is some promising novellll~~


amazing entrance to the magic world. very detailed and I love the way of the flowing of story. I think it is an interesting plot for a fantasy genre


Good storyline, the writing quality is excellent. I enjoy both the word construction and delivery. The main character certainly has her work cut out.


Great plot! Amazing character, nice Title and hooking cover. The story got me, addicted, this is the most-read work! Not to miss by any. You're a talented author .I enjoy your work . recommended:)


Great story by the way, I got hooked and kept on reading, that angel really needs to learn how to do things by the book, how can you use such methods to win souls, are punishment was well deserved.