168 Closer

However, even though Lihar noticed something off, it wasn't like he could do anything about it. He also could've been wrong.

And besides, a wrong look or two wasn't enough to make Lihar burn all bridges with Savine. 

There was also a bit of him that was being stubborn. Since the Voice was so adamant on forcing him to antagonize Savine, he wanted to do the opposite. 

Why should he bother himself with something that didn't even want to explain what it was and where it came from. If he really thought about it, shouldn't he be suspicious of the Voice and the System? Sure, they were giving him so many new things, but they had to have a motive or something behind it right?

Lihar saw Savine smilingly waving off the new mage that was pledging allegiance to her.

'And the motive is likely connected to her.'

Otherwise, it wouldn't make sense for the Voice to interject like that. Lihar decided to investigate this further on. 


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