148 Aftermath

'Here's the massacre…' 

The thought couldn't help but pop up inside her head as she looked at the surroundings of Dred's shelter.

Before, the seriousness of the situation did not really hit her. For her, protecting the shelters was an easy job. 

Knowing they couldn't do anything against her, the mages did not bother to attack her. The kills Eliseline netted was mostly the mages trying to figure out her range, which was about 100 steps. After that, they didn't come any closer to her than necessary.

Besides, most of the mages' attention was on Savine. Marquis and Marchioness Wallace led the attack on the angel, probing and prodding her with any method available to them.

During the process, Savine took control of three viscounts and a baron and a count to fight back against the mages. As if possessed, the five mages furiously fought against their former allies. What was odd, was that their spells were much faster and more powerful than normal. 


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