163 A scam

Savine shook herself out of her wistful memories and glanced at Eliseline.

"But I don't want to slander my kin that much. Though the lives of humans don't hold that much sway in them, most of them don't become tyrants like me. 99% of all living beings would let the power get to their head and go crazy, but the angels responsible and they know what's right. It's not without reason that they were chosen to save the various worlds."

Hope appeared in Eliseline's eyes. Then, she glanced at Savine and a questioning expression appeared. 'Why are you like this?' the question appeared again.

"I told you. It's natural."

Savine shrugged and looked down. The mob had destroyed the castle gates and were flooding into the Wallace estate. However, the mages were starting to feel mana. They had cleared out a wide area around them and some were even standing without their outergarments, since they were covered in so much obsidian.


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