185 A month later


Savine stood beside five limp bodies, lightly patting the dust off her arms. She stretched her body, feeling somewhat refreshed. The soldiers under her training were finally getting to a point where they were giving her a proper exercise. 

For weeks, they were like children holding sticks, playing make-believe soldiers, but she definitely saw progress today.

She glanced at the fight occurring near her. 

Ten gigantic warriors were fighting against two slender figures. From a glance, it almost looked like ten adults were bullying two children.

But a good look later, one would realize that the ones being bullied were the adults.

One of the two was standing still, mercilessly raining down spells on her enemies. The other was darting around the battlefield like an arrow, picking off his enemies one by one. 

It looked despairing, being on the side of the adults.


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