1977 A Call From the Heavenly Sea God

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"Great Empress Vermilion Bird, just issue the command, and we'll burn that woman! Slutty b*tches like her need to be cleansed by our holy flames!" Vermilion Bird Nan Li was extremely enraged.

"Pfff…" An Lin couldn't help but burst into laughter.

Teenage Xiaolan didn't even know whether she should laugh or cry.

Was this idiot calling her a slutty b*tch and threatening to burn her to death?

Was she supposed to be happy to have such a loyal but stupid bird as a subordinate?

"Alright, that's enough!" teenage Xiaolan snapped.

"Great Empress Vermilion Bird, you can't just let this slide! If you do, you'll only get cucked more and more in the future!" Vermilion Bird Nan Li could barely restrain itself anymore.

"Hehe, the young woman in the white dress you were referring to is me." Teenage Xiaolan chuckled coldly.

"Wh… what?!" Vermilion Bird Nan Li stuttered as if it had received a heavy blow.



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