19 Level 2 Mission

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Mission: Save the wife of the boss of Hui Hai Restaurant.

Mission Difficulty: Level 2

Mission Information: The wife of the boss of Hui Hai Restaurant was captured by the Gale Stockade's chief three years ago. She is still trapped in the Gale Stockade. Please head to the Gale Stockade to rescue her.

Mission Time Limit: Five days.

Hint: Dozens of night patrollers have failed this mission. Be careful.


Xiao Shi looked at the information in the token and fell into deep thought. Although a Level 2 mission was not as difficult as a Level 1 mission, it was not simple either. In particular, dozens of night patrollers had failed this mission. It was unusual.

If he's not wrong, the difficulty of this mission at the beginning was not as high as Level 2. It might only be a level three mission or a level four mission. However, as the number of failed night patrollers increased during the mission, the difficulty of the mission also changed. Only then did it reach Level 2.

Xiao Shi estimated that if he failed again, this mission will most likely be a Level 1 mission.

"I have to treat it like a Level 1 mission!"

Xiao Shi's expression was solemn. He knew that the Night Patrol Division's way to differentiate the difficulty of the mission might not be accurate most of the time. After all, when the Night Patrol Division divided the difficulty of missions, it was often divided according to the information they had.

However, this information was very likely superficial.

Moreover, there would be changes at any time. This would lead to some missions that were clearly only at Level 4 or 5, but during the execution, one would discover that the true difficulty was far from this level.

Xiao Shi felt that this was the mission he had received this time.

After checking the missions in their identity tokens, everyone had different expressions. Those who received simple missions heaved a sigh of relief. As for those who received difficult missions, their faces were filled with despair.

As a night patroller, they had to complete the mission after accepting it. If the mission failed, there would usually be no punishment. However, if they did not dare to carry out the mission because of fear, the consequences would be very serious. Their cultivation would be taken back and they would be expelled from the sect.

Time was limited.

After accepting the mission, everyone did not stay in the Night Patrol Division for too long and began the mission.

Xiao Shi planned to make a trip to Hui Hai Restaurant first, planning to find the boss of Hui Hai Restaurant to understand the situation.

The Hui Hai Restaurant was only a medium-sized restaurant in the Golden Cloud City. There were many similar restaurants in Golden Cloud City. There were many people in Golden Cloud City, and there was an endless stream of people. On the streets, one could occasionally see some night patrollers patrolling the city.

They had all received patrolling missions in the city. Such tasks are usually the simplest.

Soon, Xiao Shi went all the way to Hui Hai Restaurant and met the boss of Hui Hai Restaurant.

The other party was a middle-aged man in his thirties, but he gave off a very weak feeling. His face was pale, and his figure was thin. Moreover, his face was covered in stubble. His hairline was moving up, and he looked like he was in his forties or fifties.

After explaining his intentions, the boss of Hui Hai Restaurant began to tell Xiao Shi what had happened back then.

His wife was abducted outside the city.

At that time, they had just been married for a year and were preparing to return to their hometown to visit their relatives. In the end, after leaving the city, they met the chief of the Gale Stockade and were kidnapped together with his wife.

Regarding the information about Gale Stockade, there were also records in the mission.

The Gale Stockade was a mountain bandit stronghold on the Glazed Moon Mountain outside Golden Cloud City. Chief Xu Feng was a Martial Entry-Level Six martial artist. He also had a group of Martial Entry-Level Three or Four subordinates under him.

It was not easy to enter the stronghold alone to save people. Even Xiao Shi was not sure if he would succeed. With his current strength, it was easy for him to kill Martial Realm Level Six, let alone those at Martial Entry-Level Three or Level Four. He could kill one with one punch.

But that was the other party's territory after all. There would be traps, ambushes, and so on. Even if he was stronger than the chief, there would be hidden dangers if he rashly charged in.

And this was not the most important thing.

Most importantly, the Glazed Moon Mountain itself was a huge bandit force. On the Glazed Moon Mountain, there were dozens of bandit strongholds of various sizes. They formed a huge bandit organization.

Not only was there a Level Nine Martial Entry-Level powerhouse in the organization, but it was said that there was also a Qi Martial Realm powerhouse!

If Xiao Shi wanted to take down this stronghold alone, he would definitely face the attack of the other strongholds. Once he attracted a ninth-stage Martial Entry-Level powerhouse or a Qi Martial Realm powerhouse, he would definitely fall into danger.

In the past, none of the night patrollers who carried out this mission had used the method of storming the Gale Stockade.

They all knew that attacking the Gale Stockade was like fighting against the entire bandit organization alone. This was the most undesirable method. No one would do that.

In the past, those night patrollers would disguise themselves and sneak into the stockade to think of a way to save people. Although it was difficult for ordinary people to sneak into these bandits' strongholds, it was relatively easy for the night patrollers.

After all, there were spies arranged by the Night Patrol Division in every stockade. Apart from gathering information, these spies would also think of ways to help them fake their identities so that they could sneak in as bandits.

"Sir, you must help me save my wife." The owner of Hui Hai Restaurant begged bitterly.

Xiao Shi looked at the frail boss with a complicated expression. In this world, it was very difficult to have such a sentimental person. His wife had been kidnapped for three years. If it were anyone else, they would have despised her even if she returned.

However, not only did he not despise her, he had been trying his best to save his wife.

Xiao Shi knew that commoners like them often had to pay a high fee to ask the Night Patrol Division for help.

Although the residents of Golden Cloud City would be protected by the Red Tiger Sect, it was only limited to their safety in the city.

If the wife of the boss of Hui Hai Restaurant was kidnapped in the city, the Night Patrol Division would definitely pursue the matter to the end. But what happened outside the city is not under their jurisdiction.

The boss of Hui Hai Restaurant must have used all his assets in the past three years to let the Night Patrol Division deal with this matter.

"This is a rare true love." Xiao Shi sighed in his heart.

No matter what, since he had accepted this mission, he would try his best to complete it. However, this mission that seemed to only be at Level 2 was actually already at Level 1. It was not simple.

Xiao Shi felt that the method to disguise his identity and sneak into the stronghold to save people was not very effective.

This could be seen from the failures of the previous night patrollers.

A new plan gradually formed in his heart.

A plan that only he could carry out!

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