45 Bait's Self-Guide

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The night was dark. The moonlight tonight was very weak. In a place without lights, the darkness was dense and one could not even see their fingers.

However, to Xiao Shi and Cen Qingci, these two night patrollers, their vision at night was even better than during the day.

The dark sky did not affect their return trip. At this moment, they were already on the way back to Golden Cloud City. They each held a head in their hands.

Xiao Shi was holding the head of the wanted criminal, Wei Zhen. Cen Qingci was holding Zhuo Fu's head.

Along the way, they walked forward in silence.

Xiao Shi looked at the genius girl at the side. She had an exquisite face, a protruding figure, and a standard child-like face. However, with this person's personality, this kind of silence was rare for her.

Ever since she had effortlessly obtained Zhuo Fu's head, she had spoken less and became silent, as if she had been thinking about something.


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