27 The Pressure from a High-Level Alpha

The man who walked towards them was bulky and intimidating, with a pair of glaring eyes.

"What do you want to sell?" The man's voice was rough and obviously impatient.

Yuri wrinkled her nose as she caught the scent of the man's pheromones. It was a strong smell, like gasoline.

"Control your pheromones," Tuss coldly stated.

"Oh? Can you smell pheromones? Are you an alpha or a beta?" Instead of controlling his pheromones, the man released even more.

As Yuri held her breath, ready to deal with the man, Tuss took action first. A chilly woody scent enveloped the man, instantly changing his complexion.

"You're an S-tier alpha?" The man's face turned the color of a pig's liver. He clenched his fists, gritting his teeth against the pressure from the high-level alpha.

Tuss didn't answer, instead, he asked, "Can you control your pheromones now?"


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