I Married A Degraded Alpha

After self-sacrificing, Yuri transmigrates from an apocalyptic to an interstellar era, inhabiting a disabled girl's body. She enters a joint marriage with a similarly disabled SSS-tier alpha, gaining a share in an ore planet. Determined to help her husband regain leg function and reclaim his SSS-rank, their journey together unfolds.

Treein · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings
211 Chs

The End

The day after Yuri's family returned to Planet Alpha, both the their families came by for a visit. As Yuri and Tuss climbed the ranks in the military, the two families' attitudes towards them shifted drastically. Initially, they were dismissive and contemptuous, then begrudging and displeased, but now they were respectful and even reverent.

The Cheng and Hiro families brought a plethora of expensive gifts for the eight children, evidently spending a significant amount of astracredits.

Yuri and Tuss didn't decline the gifts. Over the years, both the Hiro and Cheng families had made much more money thanks to Yuri and Tuss. Thankfully, both families ran legitimate businesses, otherwise, Yuri and Tuss would've had to deal with them before the Alliance needed to intervene.

The two fathers breathed a sigh of relief when Yuri and Tuss accepted the presents. The two families didn't even stay for a meal, leaving right after delivering the gifts.