I Married A Degraded Alpha

After self-sacrificing, Yuri transmigrates from an apocalyptic to an interstellar era, inhabiting a disabled girl's body. She enters a joint marriage with a similarly disabled SSS-tier alpha, gaining a share in an ore planet. Determined to help her husband regain leg function and reclaim his SSS-rank, their journey together unfolds.

Treein · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings
211 Chs

[Bonus chapter]Unbelievable

She scanned the crowd, swiftly spotting the Second Commander. Although she'd never seen a photo of him, she immediately identified him. The guy's mental threads had broken free from his Sea of Consciousness.

Yuri was surprised to find that the Second Commander looked so youthful, bearing a resemblance to a man in his early forties.

He was tall and imposing, with sharply defined features, and an intense, penetrating gaze. Even from afar, his powerful vibe was palpable.

Truly a formidable individual who could battle level-eight insectoids for nine days straight.

Beside the Second Commander, a stunning woman held his hand, slicing through the mental threads that constantly broke through the Sea of Consciousness.

But it was like using a cup of water to put out a forest fire.

She couldn't sever the threads as fast as they emerged.

In less than five minutes, this SSS-tier alpha would completely lose control.