197 The punishment of cuddling

You are late, wifey," Shana heard Vihaan as soon as she opened her bedroom door and saw Vihaan lying on the bed against his back, arms under his head, legs crossed over each other, and his eyes focused on her.

"Had something to finish" Closing the door, she walked toward the wardrobe section of the room without meeting his eyes.

Placing the Hermes bag on the bag section, she next placed her heels in the section.

Moving toward the next drawer, she untied her Gucci watch and placed it with the others.

She was not a proud heel or bag collector. But she was crazy for watches.

She had no idea, but she might have fifty or sixty watches, the price ranging from one thousand rupees to lakhs.

Once done, she walked back to the bedside of the room, to the centre of the room with the bed.

Vihaan watched her move toward the dressing table and saw her halting in front of it while lying on the bed.

She was marvellous.

And beautiful, and gorgeous.


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