172 The first gift

She got distracted when she saw Anubhav and saw him walking toward Vihaan.

"Happy Birthday bro" wishing him, Anubhav give him a side hug.

Thanking him, Vihaan hugged him back but his eyes were searching for Shana.

And then he found her looking at him.

He heard Anubhav" Finally, we managed to surprise you" but his eyes filled with sadness the moment he heard " We knew only Shana can prison you to your room."

And it confirmed his doubt, Shana was faking it.


"Have you called Saaransh to know when will he be there?" Avni enquired while placing the pizza box on the table along with five wine glasses.

"He did not pick up the call" helping Avni, and Vansh pours fruit juice into the wine glasses.

None of them was taking risk of drinking alcohol or wine or any such sort in front of Shana.

They were now inside the mansion, but near the lawn where a table for six was full of pizza boxes, fruit juice, pastry box and ice cream tub.


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