106 The conclusion

Shanaya was keeping her clothes inside the bag when she heard her phone ringing.

Picking up the phone from her bed, she answered it with a smile on her face" Hey, Saaransh."

She listened to him for some time and spoke in response" Yes, I am ready. When will you be here?"

Saaransh was supposed to pick her around 11 in the morning thought their flight was at two in the noon.

She had presents to buy for her parents and, she could not believe she was going to see them after a year. She had not visited them since she had started working with Vihaan.

"Okay, see you soon." ending the conversation, she tossed her phone on the bed and checking her bag to make sure she had kept everything, she left her room only to get surprised on reaching the hall of the mansion.

"Dee! when did you come?" rushing toward Avni, Shanaya hugged her.

Avni smiled and spoke:" Vihaan called me, saying he has something urgent to tell me. He practically made me run to be here within an hour!"


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