190 Some intimacy

"Vihaan" stopping him from unbuttoning the last two buttons of the chest area, Shana placed her hand over him preventing him.

Vihaan stopped, momentarily.

But a mere look at her and he knew he was not forcing her.

She wanted him just like he wanted her.

And the next second he was kissing her.

His hands did not need any guidance and they reached back to her breasts.

Sneaking inside her almost-opened shirt, he heard her moaning against his mouth the moment he touched her bare under the breast.

And he lost all the sense.

He was correct. Her body was so ready for him.

Grabbing and kneading her breasts, he sucked her lips, his right leg making its way inside her legs.

Shana no longer wanted to stop, her body and mind drugged with his touch, touch of hands, lips and tongue.

She arched when Vihaan sucked at her neck while pressing her right breast with force.

She felt the wave of cool breeze suddenly and she knew she was now naked.


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