192 Shana's Vihaan

Driving at the lowest speed he could, Vihaan stole a glance at her when he saw her turning uncomfortable in the passenger seat for the nth time.

But he did not ask, for the silence in the car was hard to break.

He knew the better place to discuss it. He was not going to let it go.

All Shana wanted was for the ride to end as soon as possible. Only she was aware of the difficulty she had been facing every time she would cross her legs and feel the sensation between her legs, and every dirty thing a woman could imagine would surface in her mind.

On top of it, Vihaan's presence was not helping her at all.

Trying to distract her thoughts, she looked outside the window and felt relieved.

But it was too short.

Bored of it five minutes later, she looked back inside, and unconsciously, her eyes turned toward him.


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