146 Moments in the darkness

2 days before

Shana was tired. Or rather, she was out of her breath was the truth.

Bending with her waist, her hands on her respective knees, she gasped for the air.

Dressed in black running pants with a blue tee and black running shoes, she was standing on the pavement in front of Rathore's mansion with her hair, soaked in sweat, tied up in a high pony.

It was eight in the morning of not so chilly and warm mid-February, with the golden, glowing sun rays falling on the road getting filtered by the trees.

Yes, it was a beautiful Sunday morning and, Shana was happy but tired to jog after such a long time.

Taking a long breath, she stood straight and, roaming her hand in hair, looked at the main door of the Rathore Mansion. She had come in the night just like her promise to Vansh of visiting them every weekend.

But what relieved her most was, Devil was not at home.


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