115 Missing besty?

"Keep this too, Shana." picking up the golden coloured big round steel box from the bed, Shanaya's mother, Mrs Ankita Malhotra, spoke while keeping it inside her travelling bag.

Shanaya was busy collecting her dresses from the wardrobe when she heard her mother and, walks toward her mother, pausing her other work for a moment.

"Akshar made them for you." picking the book from the bed, Mrs Ankita spoke.

"Really?" beaming with happiness, Shanaya took out the box and opened it without wasting any minute.

"Wow! pede!" looking at the box full of pede, an Indian sweet dish, Shanaya could not stop her mouth-watering.

Before her mother could speak" Do not finish them eating in a day", Shanaya had two of the pede in her mouth.

"umm, they are so tasty!!" exclaiming, Shanaya was about to go for the third one when she felt the box snatched away from her hands.

"Mom!" she exclaimed with disbelief.

She just could not believe it.


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