143 I will marry you!

"Huhh, we are not even a couple", speaking as if complaining, Shana could only smile mildly.

Fuck! she hates these shows! She does not even know how to dance. Was she going to make fun of herself today?

She could even imagine the headline"Ms Shana made fun of herself!"

Standing on the stage, looking at Shana, Vihaan could not believe God was in his favour.

Who would have thought he would be dancing with Shana? That too, in public!

His long-lasting desires were coming true.

The Desires of dancing with her in front of the public, making her as his, telling all the men in the world thinking of her, "Back off, she is mine."

"Calm down, bro. It's just a dance. Don't overdo." and his mind was once again at work.

Ignoring his mind, he kept looking at Shana and watched her standing from her seat to come to the stage. Even though she was still in the same dress, she was the only girl he could see.

In his world, she was overpowering every girl present there.


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