173 Dance with the lady

"Thank you" feeling the soft and fine texture of the silk white shirt in his hands, he kept looking at her as if it was the best gift he had ever seen.

He did not even see his name written on the cuff, he already knew Shana had made it herself.

"Wow! You made it yourself?" Avni spoke up as soon as she realised it was from "Grace designing".

Shana could only smile mildly.

Her attention was solely on Vihaan, wanting to know if he loved it.

"It's truly beautiful" admiring it as if it was the most precious and valuable thing he had in possession, he did not want to let it go for a single second.

"Come on, show us how it looks on you" Anubhav spoke.

"Later" he wanted to show it to only Shana.


Retiring to the room, Vihaan kept his eyes on Shana walking in front of him in the corridor to his room.

Thanking God his hands were full of gifts box for distracting him, his mind was full of all the lustrous images he wanted to do with her.


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