132 By hook or crook

Shanaya kept looking at Vihaan.

Lying under him, her body fitting perfectly under the masculine body of Vihaan,her every part in rhyme with his, feeling every bit of it, she did not flinch her eyes.

For she could not.

Vihaan's eyes were fixed on Shanaya's face. Not because he wanted to intimidate her, not because he wanted to hypnotize her, not because he wanted to change her decision.

He just wanted to see her reaction.

Actual reaction.

He wanted to notice the changes in her expressions, wanted to hear the answer to his questions with her eyes.

He wanted to know the exact answer of his question.

For he knew, only her eyes would tell him the truth, the truth he wanted to know so badly.

Shanaya either did not feel anything at all or felt everything and yet could not decipher it, for she was too shocked. She had never thought there would come a day when she would be hearing a confession from him, that too of marriage!


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