1 You're Selling This Mixed Fur Husky for 500,000?!

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"Hello, is anyone there?"

At the door stood a beautiful girl in light blue jeans with long legs.

At this moment, she was looking into a pet shop called the Beast Taming Pet Shop.

Looking at the shop that was open but empty, Su Qingqing took out her phone to confirm again.

"This is the right place. Why isn't there…"

"Coming, coming. Welcome."

Before Su Qingqing could finish her sentence, she saw a relatively young and handsome man walk out of the pet shop.

"Hello, I'm here to make an appointment."

"Yes, please come in."

Su Qingqing nodded and then stretched her legs to enter the pet shop.


After entering, Su Qingqing looked around and discovered that not to mention pets, there was not even the most common dog cage or cat cage. There was no smell of various pets in the air. It was even quite fragrant and elegant.

"Shop Owner, are you sure this is a pet shop?"

At this point, Su Qingqing took a step back warily.

Lin Ye smiled kindly at the rather cautious long-legged girl in front of him.

"I'm sorry, this is indeed a pet shop, but it's a little different from ordinary pet shops."

Then, he pointed at a machine in the middle of the pet shop that Su Qingqing had never seen before.

"If you want to buy pets, you can try pressing the button on that joystick."

Su Qingqing looked at the screen and joystick in front of her and the machine below that looked like a ticket dispenser, her eyes filled with confusion.

"This… Is this a new mutation item?"

"Yes, you can also understand it that way."

Hearing the shop owner admit it, a trace of envy flashed in Su Qingqing's eyes.

Only people who had awakened their mutation abilities could use mutation items ~

She looked at the young shop owner with a serious expression.

Su Qingqing hesitated for a moment before slowly walking to the machine and pressed the button on the joystick.

After letting go, lifelike "animals" that Su Qingqing had never even seen appeared on the screen of the mysterious machine.

A pig with wings, a cow with four horns, a fox with nine tails, and so on…

However, before Su Qingqing could take a closer look, these pictures flickered faster and faster.

Ten seconds later…

Crack ~

The flashing scene on the screen suddenly stopped.

A husky cub with a tongue stuck out and a rather intelligent expression suddenly appeared on the screen.

"Miss, is this pet alright?"

Lin Ye asked at the side.

Looking at the puppy on the screen, Su Qingqing's eyes flashed with desire.

It was indeed a little cute and stupid, but…

"Um, do you have cats here? I think I prefer cats."

Lin Ye nodded.

"Yes, but you need to draw again."

Su Qingqing was slightly happy when she heard this. Just as she was about to speak, she heard the young shop owner say,

"100,000 yuan per draw."

Su Qingqing's mouth suddenly froze.


"Shop Owner, are you robbing me?!"

Lin Ye had long expected this, so he did not explain much.

"This is the rule. Regardless of whether the first-time guests buy it or not, only the first draw is free."

"If you're not satisfied with the results, you can pay 100,000 yuan for each draw."

After explaining slightly, Lin Ye looked at the hesitant girl.

"Ma'am, why don't you take a look at the pet first?"

Looking at the dog on the screen, although Su Qingqing really wanted to leave this illegal shop immediately, she still nodded.

At most, she would just choose to not buy it later and go to another pet shop.

"A-Alright, I'll take a look first."

Then, Su Qingqing saw the shop owner press on the top of the machine. A card printed with the image of the exact same dog as the one on the screen "spat" out of the only exit of the machine.

Then, this young shop owner took the dog card and walked into the pet shop.

Seeing this scene, Su Qingqing nodded in realization.

It seemed that the pets were stored in the back.

This shop owner was really strange. He was so mysterious.

Without giving Su Qingqing any time to complain, the young shop owner walked out of the room.

At the same time, a wriggling husky cub appeared in his arms.

It seemed to really want to get out of the shop owner's arms.

Yes, it looked very energetic!

Seeing this, Su Qingqing's eyes immediately burst out with a burning light.

"Ahhh ~"

"What a cute dog!"

"The flame pattern between its eyebrows is actually red! It's too cute!"

As for the thought of buying a cat just now, she had already thrown it to the back of her mind.

Lin Ye was not surprised by this.

Many of the customers who had come previously had gotten this far, but without exception, they did not manage to make a deal in the end.

"Shop Owner, I want to buy it!"

"How much?"

The husky in Lin Ye's arms seemed to understand this girl's words and struggled even harder.

Hearing the girl in front of him ask about the price, Lin Ye still maintained a smile and did not even react much.

Then, he spat out a number clearly—


The smile on Su Qingqing's face gradually froze.

"Shop Owner, are you crazy?"

"You're selling this mixed fur husky for 500,000?! Do you think I'm easy to bully?"

Facing the girl's accusation, Lin Ye remained calm.

He only sighed slightly.


How fickle~

One second, she was saying that it was cute, and the next, she was calling it a mixed fur husky. She was simply the real version of the girl from "Little Sweetie and Mrs. Niu".

The delicate ponytail girl looked at Lin Ye, who was holding an exceptionally intelligent husky cub in his arms. Her gaze was as if she was looking at a heinous profiteer.

"Miss, I have to solemnly state that it's not a mixed fur husky!"

Su Qingqing did not believe him.

"Don't lie to me. Otherwise, why is the fur between its eyebrows red?"

Lin Ye grabbed the little guy by the back of the neck and handed it to Su Qingqing.

"Because it has the bloodline of the Three-Headed Hellhound and endless potential."

The girl was a little intimidated by Lin Ye.

However, looking at the cub sticking out its tongue and swaying in the air, Su Qingqing thought about it and felt that this was too ridiculous.

She immediately said angrily, "Are you telling the truth? I don't believe it!"

"Also, can you not carry it like that? It seems so pitiful. Why don't you let me hold it?"

Lin Ye obediently placed the cub in Su Qingqing's arms.

After this little guy entered Su Qingqing's arms, it immediately seemed to have become a different person. Ah no, a different dog.

It did not resist at all. It directly plunged into the girl's "not-so-majestic place" and even rubbed against it in satisfaction.

Seeing this, Lin Ye reasonably suspected that this silly dog might have been reincarnated from a man. Moreover, this dog probably retained some of its old characteristics.

As for Su Qingqing, she did not care about the Three-Headed Hound anymore and directly stroked it.

"Little sweetheart ~ I'll bring you away, okay?"

"But can you make it cheaper? For example, you could sell it for 50,000 yuan ~"

Lin Ye was so angry that he almost laughed.


Did the other party just take out a zero?

Lin Ye could not be bothered to waste his breath.

He curled his finger at the husky in the girl's arms.

"Little guy, come down and put on a show for this guest!"

"Let's go!"

Although the husky in Su Qingqing's arms was quite unwilling, it still jumped out of her arms.

Then, he roared at an empty wall in the shop—

"Howl ~"


With a childish howl, the girl was shocked to discover that the little husky had actually spat out a fist-sized fireball.

It flew a few meters away before smashing into the wall.

Sensing the remaining temperature in the air, Su Qingqing looked at the black burn mark on the wall and then looked down at the mixed fur husky under her feet.

"This… This…"

"Are you satisfied?"

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