Meixiu went out from her car, seeing her engine's releasing a bad, black smoke. "I just want to go home! I can still see the theater and can see the crowd coming out. Wait is it over?" She removed her sunglasses and her diamond ring because she'll check if she can fix the engine.

*cough cough

"What is going on with you?", she kicked the lower part of her car and she twitched in pain after her foot collided with the piece of steel. "Meixiu, why do you think it's possible to kick a car without hurting your bones huh?"

She is so frustrated that she didn't notice she was talking loud by herself. The frustration first ignited after seeing Chaoxiang taking her sister in his concert. She knows she doesn't have the right to get jealous, or maybe she has the rights to be but Chaoxiang would never care about her at all. And now, the moment she tried to escape from the pain, this is what's going to happen? Pathetic circumstances.

"Guess I can't do anything with this. I know nothing about car parts. But how am I going to go home?"

She rushed to the driver seat and got her phone. "Ruomei, Ruomei! Yep, I should call her." She said and dialed Ruomei's number.

"Yes my beautiful sister in-law?", Ruomei made her feel flattered with the compliment.

"Can you drive me home? I'm from Chaoxiang's concert but my car overheated."

"I'm on my way to the airport. I'm with Liwei but he will go abroad two days from now. We're getting ready for the wedding next week. I'm sorry sis. Call your husband instead."

"I don't have his number. Besides, I don't think the concert's over."

"Seriously? Zhao Meixiu, I can't imagine how the both of you ended being together without you having his contact number! Are you really his wife?"

"Stop scolding her Ruomei, she's not a child anymore."

Meixiu heard Liwei on the other line. Once again, his kindness shines in times like this. Just the tone of his voice is enough to show how much of a beautiful character he is. Aside from being sweet, he is caring and gentleman. It is a no wonder for Meixiu that her best friend Ruomei actually fell in love with him.

"Okay, I'll message you his number."

"Thank you."


Ruomei ended the call. Meixiu sat down the gutter and looked at the night sky. Fear is slowly taking her over. "Am I alone here?", she looked around her and saw nothing than just parked vehicles.

"How can it be so dark in here? And what's taking Ruomei so long to send Chaoxiang's number?", she thought.

It was when a car stopped in front of her, a few steps ahead from where her car stopped. After the car opened, a certain scent tickled Meixiu's nose. "That scent.", she lifted her head and saw a guy very familiar to her. That was the man she met seven years ago.

His long leg is crossing over his other. He is wearing a black trousers, a dark blue long sleeves and a gray vest. "He is still wearing the same mask to hide his face.", Meixiu said to herself.

"Wu Meixiu."

From his seat, he extended his arm and lend it to her. He even stepped his foot out. "These thin, long fingers. I hate seeing these.", she said to herself before she brushed his hand.

"You still remember me?"

Meixiu's eyes are starting to tear up. She is getting lost in her traumas. She never had a trauma this bad ever since. She once thought that life in her youth would be the best years of her life. It turned out she was wrong. The man looking at her right now contributed to her every pain, to her every fear. She saw him pulling the sleeves of his top, lending her his hand again.

"You've been hiding for years but you can't escape me."

He is grinning behind his mask. About Meixiu, she crawled her stare on him and she saw the tattoo he has on his wrist. "That snake tattoo. Why is this so familiar?", Meixiu thought.

"You still disgust me?"

"Whoever you are, I don't need your help.", she stood up to protest.

"I've waited for seven years..."

"I didn't ask you to wait. Just leave me alone."

The guy went out of his car and stepped closer to her. Meixiu is just up to his chest which made Meixiu really nervous about him.

"You don't miss these fingers at all?"

He ran his fingers on her left cheek, sending goosebumps all over the woman's fragility. Meixiu is about to slap him but the guy caught her wrist before she could even hurt him. She knows she could try to resist the way she used to seven years ago, but would she be really able to escape this man's vicious plans to get her back in his house, back in his custody, in his life and in his arms?

"Meixiu, stop resisting. After all you are your dad's payment to me. If there's anyone who has the authority over you, it's me."

"I am not yours."

"You are mine!"

Meixiu's phone suddenly vibrated. "It's Chaoxiang's number I guess. I hope so.", she said to herself.

"I'll leave but you have to kiss me first."

"Kiss your own lips."

She brushed his hand on her and saw him smirking. Then she felt him pressing his thumb on her lips, brushing it from left to right. Meixiu rushed to punch him in his stomach and he stepped back in his pain. Despite her roughness, Meixiu saw he's about to get his coat from the car but she stopped him.

"I don't want to owe anything from you. Just leave."

"You're not paid yet Meixiu. I'll get you real soon. Be thankful I am still thinking straight. Remember we are alone here."

Meixiu was able to take a deep breath after that guy left. "Seriously Dad? Making my body your payment with your loss?", she fell on the gutter.

Her hands are trembling. That guy with a gray hair and blue eyes is stuck on her mind. "Seven years ago, you almost took my dignity. If I haven't escaped, I might still be your slave, paying the money my Dad owed you.", Meixiu cried all alone.

"I am trying to forget the past. Please let me get out.", Meixiu begged the heaven for strength to survive the upcoming years.

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