"When she kisses me, it feels like my world stops revolving.", she froze after hearing those words from her husband. "Ruomei, why did you write this? Clearly, you wrote this song before the wedding so what makes you think we'll like kissing each other?", Meixiu thumped her chest because of the sudden change she felt on her heartbeat. She remembered their first and only kiss with the lyrics he just sang and the way he low key slipped a smile from his lips. ____ "I now pronounce you, husband and wife." Meixiu heard those words but she was stuck right there, she can't resist the charm of this man in front of her. She was shocked when Chaoxiang pulled her from her waist and tucked her closer to his body, her hands landed on her chest. "You have to kiss me lady, it's a custom.", he said. He drew his face closer, lowering his back to reach her height. She met her leading man halfway and locked her lips on his. His lips are making hers partly opened as he slipped his lower lip inside her mouth. Her heart's beating so fast. "Stop it already Chaoxiang or I'll die having no oxygen!", Meixiu thought. From her upper lip, he then ravished her lower lip. Meixiu was too nervous, she never kissed someone before. That's why she poked Chaoxiang's stomach with her index because according to his interview, it's his most ticklish part, hoping he will stop the kiss after but what he did shocked her. He bit his lower lip and after tasting her blood, he left her standing there. ____ "Are you that whipped for Chaoxiang?", she snapped out after hearing Lein. "Why? What?" "Give me your letter now, I'll give it to him at the back stage." "Oh I'm sorry. Here it is.", she handed the box she made throughout the night. "I'll go with the crowd so Chaoxiang will not see me.", Meixiu said and walked away. TRIGGER WARNING: Mentions blood, depression, abuse and suicidal thoughts. Book cover is from Google, just edited by the author.

Phantoms_are_true · Urban
Not enough ratings
85 Chs


"Chaoxiang, we have a problem."

Zhao Chaoxiang gave his best friend a tiger look after he reported a problem. His best friend looks so haunted, as if there's nothing he can do to solve the problem he is talking about. And Chaoxiang being in this situation, holding a lot of pressure is now in a state of anxiety after he heard his best friend confessing a trouble.

"What problem?"

"Suyin left the country."


Chaoxiang froze after hearing the news. "This is my first gig and she promised, we'll sing Flowers for Su(a song he composed) together. Why did she leave me?"

"Chaoxiang, the stage is already set. You can't back up now. Why not sing the song alone?", his best friend suggested.

"I can't. Suyin arranged the song for her range and if I'll be performing it by myself with all the riffs and the belts, I'll exhaust my vocal chords. I'm afraid I can't sustain the next 30 minutes of performing."

Chaoxiang is now confused on what to do. With his girlfriend leaving him at the very time he needs her, he is now unable to think clearly. "What should I do?", Chaoxiang feels like the heaven is against him pursuing his career.

"Excuse me, I heard your conversation. Can I help you singing the female's part?"

A girl hiding her face with a red baseball cap asked them. She is wearing a sky blue long sleeves. The buttons are undone, she is wearing a white shirt under it. The bottom of her long sleeves are tied by each other, keeping it closed. She is wearing a black pants with a white rubber shoes.

"Take you cap off.", Chaoxiang coldly said.

"I can't. It's my first time singing live in this university. I am very shy. I just want to help you.", her voice is trembling.

"I said take it off."


Chaoxiang's best friend held his wrist after he attempted to lift the lady's cap. He sighed and stepped back. Whoever this girl is, she is pissing him off. Clearly, she's eavesdropping to someone else's conversation and she thinks she can get away with it by just representing to help solve this mess they're in?

"Let her help us without removing her cap. It's just a gig Chaoxiang."


Chaoxiang coldly said and headed the music studio. The lady who is willing to help them just look at him walking away. She is hurt by his cold reaction but she badly wants to help.

"Are you from this university? Are you graduating too?"

Chaoxiang's best friend asks her. He instructed his hand, requesting the lady to make a step and he'll accompany her towards their school's music studio.

"I am a third year mass communication student."

"The song you are about to sing is actually Chaoxiang's own composition. Do you happen to know the song?"

She nodded. She is familiar with the song. Every time she comes home from school, she remembered hearing it every afternoon. Her twin is playing and singing the song with her daily rehearsals. "So she is rehearsing for this gig?", Meixiu asks herself.

"I'm familiar with the song."

"Chaoxiang just broke up with his ex so please bare with his cold shoulder."

Meixiu nodded and smiled. The man pushed the door for her and she went inside the music studio. "Don't be nervous Meixiu. You can do this.", she hit her chest with her right hand.

"What are you doing with your chest?"

She was shocked seeing Chaoxiang in front of her. "He looks so ethereal. Why am I even doing here? I can't even speak.", Meixiu thought.

Then she felt Chaoxiang stole her hand from her chest. He is just looking at her, but she keeps lowering her head. "Please don't kill me.", she brushed his hand and stepped backwards.

"Let's have our last minutes with practice.", Meixiu represented and grabbed a guitar beside her.

"Do you know the chords?"

"Uh...", she smiled.

"If you don't then leave it right there."

"Hey I know the chords.", she proudly said.

"Okay you sing it for me."

As Meixiu started to strum the guitar, Chaoxiang felt a familiar feeling. "Why am I feeling like Suyin is here?", he asked himself.

Meixiu, being Suyin's younger twin can unintentionally send Chaoxiang her twin sister's vibe. Though Suyin is a highly liberated woman and she is keeping herself on her little world, Meixiu can be her in some ways. And Chaoxiang is okay with that. He is comfortable and safe that she will not ruin him.